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Logic System at Bali Rock
Wednesday, 22 August 2001

Logic System Pro Audio returned from Singapore in July having exhibited at the PALA show for the first time ever. A joint venture with Del Salado Entertainment Pte Ltd, the show proved a huge success and has already spawned several new orders and a great deal of interest in the brand which is new to the region. During his stay, sales manager Dean Davoile was taken to see ‘Bali Rock’ the first Logic System installation in Singapore. The venue features a dance area with a quieter ‘chill out’ zone on the upper floor. The sound system comprises IS8’s running full range supplemented by IS24 sub bass units. Lawrence Chee, owner of Bali Rock enthused "I have been impressed with the system since day one and it still amazes me the level and quality of sound I can get from such compact and discreet cabinets."

AC Installs Strand at King Alfred’s
Wednesday, 22 August 2001

Located on a wooded hillside overlooking the beautiful cathedral city of Winchester, King Alfred’s College was founded in 1840 and today is home to over 5,000 full and part-time students. The fastest growing area of work is in Performing Arts, and the college has made substantial investments in its core infrastructure in recent years. Seven years ago, land was bought to develop the West Downs Student village. To satisfy the need for extra teaching space for performing arts, the College restored the old West Downs Preparatory School, a Grade 2 listed building. This enabled the College to create three new performance areas and eleven seminar rooms, as well as a 300-seat theatre and arts centre. The project also involved the provision and installation of new lighting and audio systems that could be adapted to meet the diverse needs of the performing arts courses, student societies and conferences. Dan Neagle, Senior Theatre Technician and Andy Clancy, theatre technician at the College brought in AC Lighting to advise on suitable equipment to meet the technical and budgetary requirements of the project. There followed a period of site visits and consultation to agree final specifications. This included dealing with the difficulties of carrying out a complex installation within the constraints imposed by a listed building.

The final installation included a wide range of lighting control equipment including MX24 and 300 Series lighting consoles from Strand, and an 86 x 3kW ETC Sensor dimmer system. Luminaires included Strand Cantata 1200W fresnels, Strand Quartet 650W Fre

National Football Stadium
Saturday, 18 August 2001

David Atkinson Lighting Design has just completed an extensive design for the National Football Museum in Preston on behalf of Land Design Studio.

The museum was split into two areas, the first being ‘Finney’ - an area which covered the invention of the game, its development over the last 150 years, and what the future is likely to hold for both players and supporters.

Finney was designed with a high proportion of complex graphic panels which were either flat or multi-layered. Atkinson spec’d a light from Commercial Lighting Systems, which utilized twin 36W compact fluorescent lamps. To this he added barndoors and a filter holder to wash the various graphic panels. To add definition and depth to some of the multi-layered panels, he fitted T5 encapsulite tubes to the reverse of the panels. The exhibits were lit with low voltage profiles, floods and fibre optic sources.

The contrasting second area of the exhibition , ‘Shankley’ is much more of an interactive space. Ross Hopcraft the designer wanted to create a strong aesthetical lighting feature to the exhibition, which Atkinson achieved using the Targetti F1 system. From this, strong ambient washes of green filtered light were projected with accent lighting to the various interactive features. In addition to the F1, Atkinson also added Strand SL architectural (HID) fixtures to project gobo images of netting across the floor and graphics.

Book Now for the PLASA Show Seminars
Friday, 17 August 2001

Bookings are now well underway for the seminar and workshop programme planned for the PLASA Show. This year the emphasis is very much on knowledge with those signing up gaining an insight into how new technology is creating new opportunities, how individuals have pulled together highly complex projects, why integration is so important and how they can achieve more by picking up tips and techniques from others.

In a programme of seminars sponsored by Installation Europe, audio installation and integration is the theme under which issues of networking, control and the benefits of converging technologies are explored. Tuesday sees a Theme and Leisure Masterclass, presented by Leisure Management, in association with the TEA and TiLE, which focuses on how the leisure industry exploits special effects, lighting and audio technology to create unique environments to enhance the visitor experience. On Wednesday, the sessions move to consider the integration of audio and lighting into building design, the regulations facing those who install lighting, the increasing profile of new media such as LED technology, and the basics of video conferencing.

For the first time you can also attend any number of focused courses and workshops. The ISCE is running three sessions covering the issues associated with audio system design, whilst Loughborough College and the AETTI are jointly promoting a series of courses which offer those interested in theatre a chance to work towards BTEC certification.

The Castle Chooses Strand
Friday, 17 August 2001

White Light Sales has provided The Castle Theatre in Wellingborough, Northampton with a new Strand 520i lighting control console. The Service Company completed the installation. "Last summer, The Service Company lent them a Strand 520 for an outdoor gig they were holding to celebrate the Millennium," recalls The Service Company’s Roger Hennigan. "They were so impressed that they wanted one!"

The theatre is a 500-seat theatre that can be used in proscenium format or converted to a flat floor space, and which hosts a wide range of productions and events during the course of a year. They were using a Galaxy Nova console, but chief electrician Lesley Gash felt that it was time to move to a newer console with more flexible control over DMX devices such as scrollers and moving lights. The 520i seemed to fit the bill perfectly. Hennigan says: "Following discussions with the crew, we upgraded their Strand PALS data distribution to create a full DMX system, adding XTBA DMX Network ports to give 11 opto-isolated and buffered DMX outlets around the theatre."

"We then replaced the existing Galaxy Nova with a 250-channel Strand 520i, ETC Reflection DMX backup, Strand R120 radio remote and R120 wired remote, all supplied by White Light Sales. We also created a custom desktop panel to control the theatre’s existing independent circuits, replacing a panel that had been part of the Galaxy. To complete the handover, Strand’s Bill Richards came up for a day’s training."

In choosing a 500-series console, The Castle follows t

Klotz Digital Install at Munich Airport
Thursday, 16 August 2001

Klotz Digital was recently awarded a contract to develop, design and install one of the most modern integrated PA installations at the new Munich Airport Terminal 2, scheduled to go in to operation in March 2003. In addition to providing flight information and other pertinent announcements to travelers, visitors and airport personnel, plus supplying background music, this system can either broadcast throughout the entire airport or can be localized, if necessary, to specific areas. Furthermore, the system allows personalized emergency bulletin broadcasts, with priority-driven repetition.

The PA system consists of 27 independently operating PA stations. All stations are connected to one another and to the central/main station via fibre optic cables. To ensure the necessary high safety standard, the entire system is fully redundant so that in case of an emergency or disaster, communication is guaranteed for all areas of Terminal 2. Each station is equipped with several Klotz Digital VADIS 880 frames for input and output connections, with digital signal processors and controllers taking care of the audio routing and communication. A separate PC-based Ethernet network, developed by Klotz Digital, is controlling all implemented system functions.

Approximately 200 configurable paging desks/terminals of various design are widely spread over the entire installation area. Each of the desks is equipped with an audio recording facility for intermediate prerecord of announcements. To control these stations and the distribution of digital audio signals, they are connected to the mai

Sugar Sounds Sweet with EV
Thursday, 16 August 2001

Trafalgar Leisure, who already own several sites in Newcastle, including the impressive Powerhouse, have just celebrated the opening of their latest club, Sugar, in the heart of Newcastle’s city centre. Once again, Trafalgar turned to Sound Control's ‘Big Paul’ Yeats to specify all the audio equipment for this five-floor entertainment complex which includes bars, a cafe and a restaurant, as well as the club itself. As with Powerhouse, Paul opted for a full Electro-Voice/Dynacord audio solution to the venue's exacting demands.

The basement and fifth floors, which house the bathrooms and restaurant respectively, are the quietest parts of the building and both have been supplied with a 100V line system based around Dynacord DL70W ceiling speakers. The ground and first floors are home to the café and bar areas where Yeats has specified a system based around EV Sx80 cabinets supplemented by Shuttlesound GSS15 bins. The ground floor sports a total of eight Sx80s and two GSS15s, while the first floor utilizes 12 Sx80s and four GSS15s. The club system on the next floor is simple but more heavyweight, comprising four Sx300s and a single Xi2181 bass bin with a powered Dynacord AM12 acting as DJ monitor. Amplification is provided by Electro-Voice P Series and Dynacord S Series amps throughout.

One of Sugar's most visually spectacular features is a huge spiral staircase which twines its way up from the basement to the first floor. "It's the most amazing structure," says Paul. "I've honestly never seen anything like it - it's almost like a human s

Hemming Launches System Design Company
Wednesday, 15 August 2001

A new specialist sound, lighting and video design and installation company, Live Business International, has opened its doors in London. The company is headed by technical director Roland Hemming, the former head of sound at the Millennium Dome, and is backed by Live Business, the UK’s largest provider of live entertainment. Live Business International specializes in design, installation and maintenance of sound, video and lighting systems in entertainment venues, including cruise ships, hotels, theatres, clubs, stadia and conference venues.

Hemming’s background spans 15 years in the entertainment technology business, beginning at the sound department of Theatre Projects where he pioneered MIDI-based show control in the late 1980s, going on to work as a sound engineer, event production manager, audio consultant and installation designer. In recent years Hemming has been responsible for numerous major cruise ship installations for many European cruise lines.

Prior to forming Live Business International, he managed the design, installation and running of the 57 sound systems at Millennium Dome, the largest sound installation in the world, running a team of 42 engineers. He was also one of the last people to leave the Dome, spending three months this year as production manager in charge of decommissioning every sound, lighting, video and broadcast system with a crew of 192 and 30,000 items of equipment to dismantle.

Hemming told PLASA Media: "Having successfully carried out various high profile installations in recent years, we want to build on that succ

Celestion Adds Power to Elbow Room
Tuesday, 14 August 2001

The Elbow Room chain of pool bars has commissioned a second audio installation from Essex-based Xtreme AV, for its newest venue, recently opened in Bristol. This latest contract follows on from the success of Xtreme’s design for the Elbow Room in Swiss Cottage, London, which opened in June. The three-floor bar in central London features a highly flexible Celestion CXi sound system, providing six zones of audio to the main bar, the gallery bar on the first floor and the club bar in the basement. The system is controlled by BSS Soundweb which allows the Elbow Room to route any sound source to any area - for example the DJ in the basement bar to a private party in the gallery bar. Private VIP areas, scattered throughout the club, are equipped with their own televisions and speaker system, allowing guests to choose their own programming. Each area has its own EQ setting on Soundweb.

"The client was looking for a sound reinforcement system that fitted aesthetically with the club’s interior design," explains Matt Burrell of Xtreme AV. The result was 15 CXi 821 wall-mounted cabinets from Celestion, with an additional four CXi 521s for the VIP booths. Bass is provided by seven Celestion Substation 10 cabinets, discreetly tucked away into purpose-built cupboards with grille fronts. "We used Celestion many years ago," says Matt Burrell, "and I guess you could say it was capable but didn’t really shine. However, we’ve been really pleasantly surprised by the new CXi products, which offer a continuity of high-quality sound right across

Northern Light Spec Celestion
Monday, 13 August 2001

One of the UK’s leading sound installation companies, Northern Light, has just completed "the first of many" installs with Celestion professional loudspeakers. In Grangemouth, the Town Hall has commissioned a new sound reinforcement system, featuring the new Celestion CXi Series cabinets, for its 1000-capacity venue.

Stephen Stewart, installations engineer for Northern Light, has wall-mounted Celestion CXi 1221s left and right of the stage, with another pair of CXi1221s as a delay 30 metres up the hall. Celestion KR1s provide the balcony infill, whilst Celestion’s digital management system, the DMS2065, controls all the parametrics and delays.

"We’re hoping to establish a firm alliance between Northern Light and Celestion," explains Stewart. "Celestion is a name that our clients associate with, and this is going to be the first of many CXi installations for Northern Light."

Wireless Theatre Subtitling
Friday, 10 August 2001

Multitone Electronics has launched the On-Q theatre subtitling system which allows individual audience members to view translations of opera librettos or synopses, or the hard of hearing to follow scripts of plays. On-Q was originally developed for the prestigious Euskalduna Palace theatre in Bilbao, Spain, where it has been seen as a factor in the growth in audiences for opera and foreign language productions. The On-Q system is a real-time, wireless-based mobile text subtitling system specifically aimed at the theatre and opera market. It consists of small text terminals which receive data from a central PC. On-Q offers synchronised subtitling in a range of languages simultaneously, allowing audiences and the hard of hearing to enjoy productions which may not be in their native language. The terminals are small, silent and lightweight and require minimal interaction by users to select their subtitling requirements. Automatic, subtle backlighting enables the text to be read in a dark auditorium, and as the terminals will only function on-site, theatres do not have to worry about theft, although a deposit system can further reduce risk.

The On-Q system also improves customer safety by means of security message alert delivery to the screen which is of particular benefit to disabled theatregoers. Theatres can also use On-Q as a direct medium for unobtrusive advertising of interval refreshments or discounts on future performances.

Central Installs at Performing Arts Schools
Friday, 10 August 2001

Birmingham-based Central Theatre Supplies has just completed its third Performing Arts School installation in nine months. All three venues feature Zero 88 Dimming, and control along with Selecon lanterns. Two of the venues are using a Sirius desk for control, whilst the third has opted for the recently launched Fat Frog. CTS specified these particular desks as they will largely be operated by students, enabling them to learn about lighting on manual pre-set controls before moving into advanced environments.

Fat Frog was recommended for the one particular school as they are developing out of hours activities for community use. Andy Fidgeon, Electrical Supervisor at Birmingham Rep said "I was pleased Fat Frog was chosen for this venue as I light shows for a number of amateur companies and it will give me quick and easy control over moving lights."

Selecon Profiles were specified throughout for all three venues including the new Axial Profile and Pacific. Each venue was also fitted with full sound systems, video projection, hall perimeter tracks with full stage drapes and the latest included recording studio facilities with inductive loop systems as standard. The latest project included a comprehensive recording studio facility. Users at the school expressed total confidence in the product range supplied and a liking for its ease of use in their environment. CTS Director, David Harwood said: "We have had a very hectic 12 months in both hire and installation. I am convinced that our package of support and on site training was a major factor in being awarded

Book Now for Theatrical London!
Friday, 10 August 2001

Bookings are now being taken for this year's Theatrical London tour (12-14 September), which follows on directly from the PLASA Show. The event will feature visits to the world-renowned Royal Albert Hall for a night at the Proms; the Apollo Theatre to see the upgraded Starlight Express; Tussaud's Group Studios for an exclusive technical tour, and the Donmar Warehouse for a 'Divas at the Donmar' performance. The cost is just £250 per person for the whole programme! For full details and booking information, visit the website below.

AVW with Safety in Mind
Thursday, 9 August 2001

Few people understand the full complexities of health and safety regulations inherent in the design and installation of motion control systems, even less so when EU legislation is surpassed by a country’s own. The DIN standards, imposed by the TÜV, are known for being the toughest, most stringent safety regulations in the world and govern installations from railways and airlines to nuclear power stations. It was within such DIN regulations that AVW Controls designed, manufactured and installed the automation systems for the newly-built 1,450-seat Concert Hall in Thessalonika, Greece.

The facility is used for opera, theatre and as a convention centre, and as such needs to be totally flexible. The specification, one of the largest AVW has worked on, called for a fully computerised flying system for 34 scenery bars, 10 point hoists and four lighting bars, all with the capability of being controlled from multiple control positions. The control also needed to be easy to use and simple to programme, yet provide the sophistication of traditionally more expensive systems. The result was the AVW Impressario Motion Processor - IMP100, a motion controller with safety and simplicity as priorities. Impressario includes a generous 500 programmable cue capacity, advanced cue following facilities, group control and group synchronisation of scenery bars and even a real-time virtual reality simulator.

As well as the powered flying system, AVW Controls was commissioned to design and manufacture the proscenium control system, consisting of a portal lighting bridge and motorised pro

Coleraine FC Gets New PA
Thursday, 9 August 2001

Coleraine-based Light & Sound FX has installed a new PA system at Coleraine Football Club. The system, commissioned by Mackie Designs’ technical manager Mick Williams, is based around RCF’s new RX 3000, a programmable matrix for sound system management and control. Light & Sound FX’s Darren Gardener explains the background to the install: "Initially, we were dubious about using a 100V line system. We were concerned about both the quality and clarity of such a system. During consultations with Mackie/RCF in the early stages of the project, both Andy Austin Brown and myself spent a lot of time going over the pros and cons for a low impedance system or a 100V line system. In the end, we felt that Andy had a stronger case and we went with the HD 550/HFT horn speakers and the RX3000 matrix system. On the day that Mick Williams came to commission and test the system, I have to say that we all held our breath. But there was no need to worry, when we heard the system for the first time, we immediately knew that we had made the right decision."

Working from the initial brief from Darren Gardener of L&S FX Williams worked on the RX 3000 system basic programming and configuration. The work was carried out during system build and test at Mackie's Wickford technical workshop. Williams explains: "The system design called for dual amplifiers for each of the three stands, with alternate A/B speaker wiring. This was to ensure 50% system operation in the event of amp or line failure. When I arrived at the ground, I was delighted to find that the job had bee

L&SI Sponsors New Technology Gallery
Wednesday, 8 August 2001

Lighting&Sound International, PLASA Media’s leading entertainment technology journal, is sponsoring the New Technology Gallery at PLASA 2001. This is the showcase of all products nominated for the prestigious PLASA Awards for Product Excellence. Situated on the Top Deck of the PLASA Show, near to the main bar area, the showcase offers visitors a chance to check out the features and capabilities of all of the major product innovations at PLASA 2001, in one place.

L&SI will be based on the Lower Deck (stand K19), where we will be offering free readerships to qualifying UK industry personnel, plus special offers on international subscriptions only available at PLASA 2001 - plus PLASA Media freebies to all new subscribers!

L&SI can be found on stand K19.

QSC at Mann’s Chinese Theatre
Wednesday, 8 August 2001

The famous Mann's Chinese Theatre, situated on Hollywood Boulevard, is presently undergoing a restoration which, among other things, will bring new, state-of-the-art audio to the structure using DCA Series amplifiers from QSC Audio Products. The largest supplier of power amplifiers to the cinema industry worldwide, QSC, along with other manufacturers including Dolby Labs and JBL, helped develop the theatre's new sonic blueprint. Implemented by Media Technology Source (MTS) West, the design incorporates 35 of the California-based manufacturer's DCA Series amplifiers. Delivering a combined total of over 100,000W to JBL loudspeaker components, the amplifiers include five DCA 3422 models operating in bridged mono at the system's low-end, and five stereo DCA 3022s powering custom mid/high and mid/low arrays. Three DCA 2422 units are used for the high frequency transducers within the system, while nine more DCA 3422s fuel the subwoofers, and 13 additional DCA 2422s were selected for use with over 40 surround sound speakers.

Having long specified the use of QSC amplifiers in its theatres (as have Loews, General Cinema, AMC, and United Artists), the Mann's theatre chain remains loyal to the brand based upon its reputation for both reliability and superior audio performance. Open to the public throughout its restoration, Mann's Chinese Theatre will be one of the central structures within a corridor of new development and refurbishment work underway along the legendary Walk of Fame at Hollywood Boulevard and Highland Avenue.

ESTA Launches New Standards Projects
Wednesday, 8 August 2001

The Entertainment Services and Technology Association has launched projects to draft three new American National Standards:

BSR E1.18, Recommended practice for the selection, installation, use, and maintenance of single-conductor portable power feeder cable in the entertainment industry. The standard is intended to offer guidance on how to select, install, use and maintain single-conductor portable power feeder cables. The project will promote safety and compatibility in the equipment and practices used in live performance and in film and video production in North America.

BSR E1.19, Recommendations for the use of ground fault devices in the entertainment industry. The standard is intended to offer guidance on how to select, install, use and maintain ground fault protection devices in the entertainment industry. The project is intended to promote the use of these devices to protect people and property from hazards associated with using electrical equipment in wet locations, such as when pools of water are used on stage or a location video-shoot is conducted in the rain, and to promote reliability and avoid nuisance tripping.

BSR E1.20, Remote device management over USITT DMX512. The project is intended to develop a method of bi-directional communication over a USITT DMX512/1990 data link between an entertainment lighting controller and a remotely-controlled dimmer, moving light, or other device. The protocol for this communication is also intended to work with the BSR E1.11 lighting control protocol being developed by the same working group.Int

Rockingham Oval Keeps a VIGILRockingham Oval Keeps a VIGIL
Wednesday, 8 August 2001

A Baldwin Boxall VIGIL voice alarm system has been installed into the first purpose-built racetrack in Britain for over 50 years. Following the phenomenon of Champ Car in the USA, the Rockingham Oval was designed and built so British crowds can flock to see these powerful cars race around a banked track at speeds of up to 240mph. This all-seater circuit required a state of the art voice alarm (VA) system, and ARB Audio & Visual Hire installed Baldwin Boxall’s VIGIL VA equipment. The system, installed prior to the official opening for the FedEx Championship’s visit to the circuit for the Rockingham 500, comprises two 43U racks, housing over 3.5kW of amplification and is controlled by Baldwin Boxall’s market-leading BVR20 ‘Microdrive’. The VIGIL equipment provides VA and Public Address facilities to eight zones, including the Pit area, VIP Boxes, all seating, concourses and fencing seating on the turns.

Following this installation, Rockingham decided to expand the seating so two further zones comprising BV333 amplifiers were added to the system to provide this extra zoning. The equipment is fully BS5839 pt8 / EN60849 compliant due to the whole system being monitored, battery-backed (24 hours in quiescent state then 30 minutes on full power) and has automatic change over of amplifiers. Unlike many Baldwin Boxall VA systems, this project does not require any emergency messages. Qualified personnel carry out all emergency announcements via the BFM08 Emergency Fire Microphone. It is also possible for the commentators or the pit area to make announ

Guidance Notes for PLASA MembersGuidance Notes for PLASA Members
Wednesday, 8 August 2001

The PLASA Standards Office has prepared a series of Guidance Notes for PLASA Members. Each provides useful information on current topics of interest and will be updated on an ongoing basis in line with developments. Further documents are planned in response to the needs of PLASA members. The following guidance documents are currently available. These documents are in PDF (Portable Document Format) and may be read with Adobe Acrobat Reader (version 3 or later) which is available free from

Guide to Australian EMC Framework: contains advice on the EMC and C-Tick labelling requirements for equipment destined for the Australian market.

Basic Guide to the FCC Rules: contains advice on application of the USA Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rules on EMC for entertainment equipment.

Standards for Dimmers: contains advice on the applicable safety and EMC standards for professional dimming equipment in Europe. Now revised - version 2.

EN 61000-3-2: details the current status and activity on EN 61000-3-2, the EMC standard for harmonic current limits. Now revised - version 2.

Electrical Safety for the USA Market: contains advice on the electrical safety requirements for the USA market.

CE Marking for Trade Shows: contains advice on the CE Marking requirements for equipment displayed at trade fairs and exhibitions in Europe, including the PLASA Show.

The C.D.M. Regulations - A Summary of the Regulations for PLASA Members: contains advice on the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations. Now rev

Meyer Installed at Radlett Centre
Wednesday, 8 August 2001

Marquee Audio has fitted a Meyer UPA-1P powered reinforcement system into a multi-purpose theatre in Radlett, Hertfordshire. Owned by Aldenham Parish Council, the five-year-old Radlett Centre is administered under a trust. The venue’s technical manager, Dave Glover, says that while the old PA system had been adequate for playback it simply wasn’t up to reinforcing the vast range of shows and events that the Centre stages, in a variety of configurations. A spec had been drawn up by previous manager, Miles Marchment, in the event of funding for a new PA becoming available. But in the end it was a private donation of £10,000 that provided the green light for the system. Dave Glover tested a powered Meyer system against another leading brand, and when the Meyer rig won the shoot out Marquee Audio were the preferred supplier and installer. "It was the fact that the UPA-1P was an all-powered system that I liked," Dave continued. "With our lack of space it seemed a lot easier, and it sounded good straight out of the box."

The system is mounted left and right on the on the proscenium wall, with a pair of UMS-1P subs ground stacked on either side of the stage. These are removed for lecture presentations and reinstated for shows. Marquee also provided two additional UPM-1P three-way powered speakers as fills, giving them the option of a satellite system, and a further three UPMs, flown off an existing lighting bar on drop arms, to provide the delay sound."The installation was very straightforward, and was carried out in a single day" says

Virtual Tour Now Online
Tuesday, 7 August 2001

For those visitors new to PLASA or simply keen to remind themselves how impressive last year’s event was, the Show website now features a virtual tour of last year’s PLASA Show. The tour takes in various elements of the exhibition with views from both the lower and top decks. By clicking on any of the green circles featured, visitors can look at the show floor in 3D and also explore other facilities at Earls Court 1.

Putting the Wow! Into Your Production
Wednesday, 25 July 2001

The PLASA Show, London’s leading entertainment technology event, represents far more than just an arena from which to see the latest developments and innovations within the entertainment technology industry. It also offers visitors the opportunity to learn more about how to use this technology to best effect through its Masterclass Programme. This year, the Masterclass Programme, which runs from the Monday to the Wednesday, will focus on the fields of special effects, architectural installations and audio and corporate presentations and will include an impressive line-up of speakers, all of whom are experts in their specific fields.

Tuesday 11th September 2001, Theme and Leisure Day of the Masterclass Programme is a ‘must’ for visitors interested in learning how, through imaginative design and intelligent production techniques, special effects can be utilised in live entertainment to have maximum effect on the audience. There will be three presentations during the course of the day dealing with different aspects of this vibrant sector.

PLASA welcomes American WOW!Works chief effects artist, Tylor Wymer, an industry leader in pyrotechnics and special effects engineering and the former special effects design director for Walt Disney Entertainment, who will host an exciting session called, ‘Special Effects Ignite The Senses - Putting the Wow! Into Your Productions’. Highlights will include a fun and interactive overview by Mr Wymer in the areas of pyrotechnics, confetti, fog/haze, snow/wind/rain and the new trends in scent technology.

Mr W

PLASA 2001 Show Seminars
Monday, 23 July 2001

To complement the exhibition, PLASA has lined up a range of seminars, workshops and clinics that will give an insight into how new technology is creating new opportunities, how individuals have pulled together highly complex projects, why integration is so important and how you can achieve more by picking up tips and techniques from others.

DJs can learn more about MP3 digitally-compressed music files and how this new technology is already creating a platform for a more creative approach. In a programme of seminars sponsored by Installation Europe, audio installation and integration is the theme under which issues of networking, control and the benefits of converging technologies are explored. Tuesday sees a Theme and Leisure Masterclass, presented by Leisure Management, in association with the TEA and TiLE, which focuses on how the leisure industry exploits special effects, lighting and audio technology to create unique environments to enhance the visitor experience. On Wednesday, the sessions move to consider the integration of audio and lighting into building design, the regulations facing those who install lighting, the increasing profile of new media such as LED technology, and the basics of video conferencing.

For the first time, you can also attend any number of focused courses, workshops and clinics. The ISCE is sponsoring three sessions covering the issues associated with audio system design, whilst Loughborough College and the AETTI are jointly promoting a series of courses which offer those interested in theatre a chance to work towards BTEC certification. Al


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