‘The feedback from attendees was overwhelmingly positive’
UK - ISCVE’s successful Get Ahead event was held last week at the prestigious Rose Shure Experience Centre in London. The event was simultaneously broadcast live online to pre-registered attendees.
Featuring three presentations from industry experts, this year’s Get Ahead event provided valuable insights into the latest technologies. Attendees, including both members and non-members, enjoyed three presentations and lunch providing ample opportunities to catch up and chat.
The first presentation, titled The Challenge of Intelligibility in VA, was delivered by Pawel Zakrzeswski from Ambient System. Dr. Peter Mapp presented the second talk, titled Assistive Listening Systems - Access to Intelligible Audio is a Right, Not a Privilege. Greg Madge concluded the event with his presentation titled Surviving the Death of the High Street.
The feedback from attendees was “overwhelmingly positive”, with participants enjoying the informative seminars and the opportunity to network.

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