‘UNICA represents a significant milestone in the development of cloud-based devices’
Spain - Powersoft has launched its third-generation fixed-install amplifier platform, UNICA.
The UNICA range comprises three four-channel (UNICA 9K4, 12K4 and 16K4, with 9,000W, 12,000W and 16,000W respectively) and three eight-channel models (UNICA 2K8, 4K8 and 8K8, with 2,000W, 4,000W and 8,000W).
Featuring high power density, sound quality and backed by five new patents and four existing ones, UNICA represents the third and latest generation of Powersoft amplifier platforms, designed to meet the requirements of any size of installation with a single product family, explains Powersoft’s R&D director and co-founder, Claudio Lastrucci.
“UNICA is engineered to accommodate upcoming functions and feature expansions to fulfil the most demanding audio design requirements for years to come – all within a single platform,” says Lastrucci. “By listening to customer feedback and market demands, and drawing on our passion and R&D ingenuity, we have, with UNICA, created an amplifier platform truly fit for the future.”
In conjunction with Universo, Powersoft’s new cloud-based platform, UNICA represents a significant milestone in the development of cloud-based devices, offering cloud-native connectivity and remote monitoring functions without the need for specific product registration or configuration. Cloud integration allows for the storing and sharing of projects online, keeping the amplifier’s firmware up to date, or simple integration in third-party systems through APIs.
UNICA enables install professionals and system integrators to cover multiple applications, in any size installation, with a single amplifier platform family. This will support the creation of solid value and consistency among different applications during the whole project lifecycle – for a futureproof and more effective job.
“As a single, versatile platform with broad power range options, functionalities and networking capabilities, suitable for a myriad of applications from high-quality background music to performance venues, UNICA unlocks the power of consistency for busy, hard-working AV integrators and fixed-installation professionals,” comments Lastrucci.
“Specifying amplifiers from a single product family that can cover a wide range of SPL requirements translates into tidier racks and a new level of user experience,” he adds, “while user-friendly features such as a straightforward third-party communication protocol and simple amplifier replacement with Easy Swap help eliminate any support headaches.”
UNICA is optimised to reduce points of failure while allowing more accurate reproduction and improved performance compared with previous amplifier generations. An all-new power supply section facilitates efficient conversion, resulting in less power dispersion through wasted heat, while a new approach to heat management has resulted in fan noise reduction, making UNICA the quietest amp ever designed by Powersoft. A filter can also be easily accessed without any tools, making it faster and more convenient to keep the airways clear of dust.
Networking is achieved through three ethernet ports, allowing both AoIP and control redundancy and splitting control vs AoIP traffic. Thanks to a firmware-level protocol, audio over IP is managed through both Dante and AES67.
“Being designed around future functionalities and added features, our new-generation platform guarantees customers maximum reliability and simplified operations throughout the entire project, from planning to completion,” concludes Lastrucci. “This, combined with its reference-quality sound, industry-leading power efficiency and a straightforward user experience, makes UNICA a truly futureproof amplifier platform, and the new industry standard.”

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