The sunDial quad DMX 1K is a DMX/RDM controlled mains dimmer
Spain - Artistic Licence will showcase its current range of products. “From the distinctive 'skinny rack' octoboxes to the channel-dense and feature-rich dataLynx range, we have multiple rack mount products designed to meet a variety of budgets and technical requirements,” says the company.
The rackSplit octo is an optosplitter/data-fixer for DMX/RDM with eight outputs, featuring Neutrik XLR5 connectors. Specifically designed for 19" racks, it conveniently occupies a 1U slot with a slim depth of only 50mm. The compact metal case is ideal for saving space on wall-mounted overhead racks.
The rackLynx octo serves as an eight-port Ethernet gateway, proficient in converting up to 8 Universes of Art-Net/sACN to DMX512/RDM. Tailored for 19" racks, it occupies a 1U slot with a slim depth of 50mm. Its compact metal case is designed for efficient space utilization, making it suitable for wall-mounted overhead racks.
The dataLynx II is a 19" rack-mount gateway facilitating bidirectional conversion between Ethernet and DMX512. Capable of converting 12 universes of Art-Net or sACN Ethernet to DMX512/RDM, it also supports the conversion of DMX to Art-Net/sACN. The device is versatile, featuring additional protocol support for RDMnet LLRP.
The sunDial quad DMX 1K is a DMX/RDM controlled mains dimmer featuring trailing edge technology for smooth dimming of LED, CFL, or incandescent sources, even at low intensities. Notably, each channel, with a rating of 250W, or when used in pairs, up to 500W, allows for a customizable dimmer curve for added flexibility in lighting control.
The candlePower Octo is an 8-channel LED dimmer operated through DMX512/RDM. Each channel offers customizable dimming options, allowing for individual settings of constant current (CC) or constant voltage (CV) dimming. This product provides flexibility with four editable dimming curves, which can be selected individually for each channel through RDM. Users also have the option to upload custom dimming curves for precise control.

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