Follow-Me offers manual and auto-tracking in the one scalable system
Spain - Follow-Me Tracking Solutions is exhibiting on their own booth for the first time at ISE. Since Follow-Me began with the development of their first remote follow-spot software, the company has gone on to develop full systems for both manual and auto-tracking.
The Follow-Me product range allows for growth within the scope of manual tracking right through to full auto tracking. Follow-Me is fixture independent: it can control any manufacturers type of moving light via Art-Net, sACN and includes OSC & PSN to integrate with sound systems and motion control. A manual Follow-Me 3D System is completely scalable to also include the additional FollowMe Track-iT System for auto-tracking.
Follow-Me enables multiple performers, unlimited fixtures per performer, sizeable performance area (from small theatre to a large stadium) and also the requirements of both manual and auto-tracking in the one scalable system.

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