JLL has increased female representation in the company by 300%
UK - Ahead of International Women’s Day (8 March 2023), full-service technical production partner, JLL, wants to shine a spotlight on the gender gap within the production and events industry.
Currently only 31% of credited crew roles off screen are filled by women and just 5% of sound leads in the industry are female (Kindred Magazine, The Gender Gap Issue) and in JLL’s opinion this needs to change.
Addressing the issue, JLL is actioning change by paving the way for more female talent and a diverse workplace industry wide. Since 2015, JLL has increased female representation in the company by 300% and is continuing to encourage more women into the industry by opening new roles.
Going the extra mile, JLL offers employees access to a 24-hour, employee assistance programme which supports women, men and parents in all aspects of working life. Notably, this programme includes stress and anxiety counselling, as well as childcare and family support – an initiative which is available company-wide.
Jack Linaker, managing director at JLL, noted: “We are keen to support a drive for increased diversity within the tv production, lighting and events industry. We are passionate about equal opportunities and are continually creating new positions, bringing greater talent to the industry.”
Georgia Ward, digital content creator at JLL, first joined the company in 2021 in a newly created role. "Joining JLL was a huge opportunity in which they put their full trust in me. It was a new role they created and we’ve navigated it together. Digital content is ever-growing and I think the role quickly proved efficient for the company. I’ve learnt so much in, retrospectively such a short time.”
On 20 February 2023, JLLighting and JLLive joined together under one new single brand identity and comprehensive offering: JLL. JLL is a ‘one stop shop’ full-service technical production partner. By combining the two sides of the business, the team aim to further the audience experiences they can deliver and continue to push the boundaries of creativity within the industry.

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