John Matkovic sets stage for Ian Moss with Chauvet
Friday, 21 September 2018
ianmoss1Ian Moss at the Griffith Regional Theatre
Australia - John Matkovic’s lighting design for a recent concert by Australian rock legend Ian Moss at the Griffith Regional Theatre relied on subtle colour washes to support the artist on stage.
This is not to suggest that his show was bereft of texture and colour. Far from it; utilising a collection of Chauvet Professional Rogue fixtures supplied by Showtools International, Matkovic employed a combination of background beams, washes, gobos and out of focus prisms along with some haze to reflect the moods of the music in a subtle, but powerful fashion.
Matkovic deployed eight Rogue R1 Spot fixtures, four evenly spaced on his most upstage bar and four on his most downstage bar. The four upstage fixtures were tilted at a 45-degree angle to emphasize their beams and gobos when backlighting the artist. The four downstage units were called upon to wash the stage backdrop. Additionally, he had Rogue R2 Wash fixtures flown in mid-stage and upstage positions for down lighting and back lighting.
“There was a large backdrop with Ian’s name and the title of his current album release,” says Matkovic. “I didn’t want to wash in open white since it was so large on stage, and it had to complement what I was doing lighting Ian. I had four of my R1 Spots to cover the backdrop with single and dual coloured prisms and blew it out of focus to the larger side.
“This allowed me to cover the backdrop without any hard edges and it gave me great colour saturation. The colour intensity was actually too bright for this type of show, so I ran the R1 Spots at about 30-percent. The split colours also created a subtle sense of depth and contrast, which made the backdrop more evocative and interesting.”
Given that the Ian Moss concert was largely a solo show, Matkovic had to focus his lighting tightly to create a sense of intimacy on the spacious and relatively empty stage. “I was able to keep the area tight by using the R2 Washes’ zoom to a minimum,” he says.
(Jim Evans)

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