Kelly Feild - director of touring personnel

USA - Bandit Lites has announced that Kelly Feild has joined the team as the director of touring personnel.

In addition, Feild will also head expanding Bandit’s college outreach as well as interviewing and hiring additional touring personnel of all experience levels and backgrounds.

Feild’s background in live events began early, in high school. She then earned a BBA in Music Business from Belmont University. Following graduation, she worked at Belmont’s event services as their Coordinator of Scheduling before joining Bandit Lites as a lighting technician. She worked on multiple tours and eventually set out as a freelancer.

“I started at Bandit with a business degree and almost no technical experience,” Feild says. “Bandit taught me everything I needed to know to successfully tour as lighting tech. I know how to do the office part of my job, but I also understand what I am asking people to do when I schedule them on a tour,” Feild explains.

“Kelly is the total package,” says Bandit Lites chair, Michael T. Strickland. “She has the education, the real-world business experience, and the road experience. Bandit could not have made a better hire. We are happy to welcome Kelly home.”

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