Korean artists sing Neumann MCM’s praises
Tuesday, 24 October 2023
neumannmcmhaeunjangThe Neumann MCM was a “game-changer” for guitarist Jang Ha-eun
Korea - Neumann’s Miniature Clip Microphone System (MCM) has been making waves since its release. In Korea, with artists like Jang Ha-eun (classical guitarist), Mellow Kitchen (saxophonist), and KoN (violinist) joining the ranks of MCM users, it is evident that Neumann's MCM is making waves.
Jang Ha-eun is a popular South Korean singer and classical guitarist who has made a name for herself on the international stage. Most notably, she was one of the finalists at the popular South Korean talent show Superband 2 and performed at Carnegie Hall in New York with the Union City Orchestra. Her collaboration with prestigious orchestras such as the Seoul Grand Philharmonic Orchestra and the Bolshoi Theatre National Opera Orchestra have further showcased her exceptional guitar skills and musical talent.
“I always aim to achieve the best sound quality for all my performances. However, dealing with challenges like feedback issues and the hassle of setting up complicated equipment makes it hard to deliver a seamless performance. This is why my experience with the Neumann MCM microphone was a real game-changer,” shared Jang Ha-eun.
Mellow Kitchen is a South Korean composer and saxophonist who has gained popularity in the mainstream media through his performances in album recordings and at live sessions for artists such as Shin Seung-hun, Shinhwa, Epik High, Sistar, Brown Eyed Soul, and Park Jae-jung.
“When it comes to creating the perfect sound, microphones can sometimes fall short. But then, we were introduced to the Neumann MCM and it was truly like a breath of fresh air in the world of sound,” he says.
Classical violinist KoN comments: “What matters most to me as a violinist is how well a microphone captures the instrument's true sound. The MCM stands out remarkably, closely resembling the original violin sound. It's my top choice when performing.
“MCM's exceptional balance across high, mid, and low frequencies suits both the warm and enveloping tone of an old violin and the energetic and powerful tone of a modern one. It preserves the warm texture characteristic of Neumann microphones, akin to recording with a Neumann condenser microphone in a studio setting. Among the microphone options I've used for violin, MCM is undoubtedly the best.”

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