Hervé Guillaume, managing director, L-Acoustics and Bertrand Bounoure, president of HGP and API
France - L-Acoustics has acquired HGP - a manufacturer of precision sheet metal, based in Amboise, France – and its sister entity API, specialist in powder coating. "This operation represents a new and extremely positive step in augmenting our R&D and production capabilities,” says Hervé Guillaume, managing director of L-Acoustics. “This alliance will allow us to improve our technical skill set and market intelligence regarding precision sheet metal, a vital technology in our professional audio solutions. HGP’s expertise and savoir-faire are highly complementary to our own, enabling us to better comprehend the constraints and specificities of the trade at every stage, from conception to production.”
Bertrand Bounoure, president and commercial director of HGP, comments: "This constitutes a natural extension of a decade-long, successful supplier/client relationship between two growing companies with shared interests and objectives. We are delighted to pool our resources and abilities.”
Jérôme Dolou, purchasing director, L-Acoustics, adds: "Our interactions with HGP as a key supplier are win-win: quality, dependability, logistical excellence, and above all, a highly nimble approach to rapid prototyping. All this brings serenity and comfort in the planning and production process. We’re thrilled to reinforce this dynamic collaboration."
“From the very beginning of L-Acoustics, excellence in products and services, as well as long term investment in human and technical resources, have been key tenets of our strategy,” declares Hervé Guillaume. “Fiscal 2017 was exceptional with 24% year over year revenue growth. Similarly, 2018 is wrapping up in a climate of optimism with remarkable interest and uptake surrounding our latest audio innovation: L-ISA Immersive Hyperreal Sound.”
(Jim Evans)

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