Rocking all over the world
Italy - In 2015, in an extraordinary display of unity, 1,000 musicians and hundreds of volunteers including producers, videographers, sound engineers and more, converged in Cesena, Italy to perform Foo Fighters' Learn to Fly live in order to realise a video.
This video was a viral musical plea to Dave Grohl, asking him to play in their city, and marked the inception of Rockin'1000, now cited as the world's largest rock band. Since its viral debut, Rockin'1000 has evolved into a global phenomenon, orchestrating annual events across Europe and Brazil.
Rockin'1000 selected L-Acoustics for its global reach and the versatility of K Series, both crucial for their travelling shows. The debut use of this system occurred at the Stade de France in 2019, installed by the France-based L-Acoustics certified provider Dushow.
Luca Stefani, sound engineer at Rockin’1000, commented, “There are many reasons why we request L-Acoustics systems for our events such as its global availability (since we need more than 100 of the same model for these productions), the perfect balance between sound quality and high SPL, the precision of the acoustic prediction software, its good stack capability and scalability, the ease of setup, deployment and management.”
Last summer, Rockin'1000 not only performed in Rome and Madrid but also emotionally returned to the origin of their journey, the Dino Manuzzi Stadium in Cesena, for a special fundraising concert aiding the flood-stricken areas of Romagna. With a thousand musicians participating, the event's complexity necessitated a sound system that could manage the immense volume and intricate soundscapes. They aimed for a solution offering flexible sound perception and optimal acoustics for performers and attendees alike.
The brief was straightforward yet ambitious: to create a massive sound that not only resonates in terms of volume but also reaches every member of the crowd and “to experience the enormity of the Rockin'1000 band performing live in front of you,” comments Stefani.
To cover the entire 360° arena audience seating area in Cesena, Stefani designed a system composed of a distributed L/R configuration using 108 K2 loudspeakers, reinforced by 40 K1-SB and 40 KS28 subwoofers. These were ground-stacked all around the outer edge of the pitch in 10 left/right sets consisting of four or six K2 over two K1-SB subs, with 10 additional stacks of four KS28 subwoofers for low end reinforcement, capable of delivering ample headroom and consistent crystal-clear sound, even amidst dense harmonic content.
Fabio Zaffagnini, Rockin’1000 CEO asserts, “Our partnership with L-Acoustics has transformed the Rockin'1000 experience, elevating it to unparalleled heights. Thanks to the K Series, our concerts are now immersive soundscapes where you don't just hear the music - you feel it. This isn't just sound; it's a symphony of clarity, power, and detail, making every performance unforgettable.”

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