LDLC Arena will serve as home to Lyon-Villeurbanne’s ASVEL basketball team while accommodating exhibitions, and national and international tours
France - The newly inaugurated LDLC Arena in Lyon, boasting a 16,000 capacity, is a prominent addition to France's event venues as the largest indoor arena outside Paris. In a city already known for its vibrant fusion of history, culture, and innovation, this new, Populous-designed venue symbolises the ambitious objective of the local government to offer a versatile space that can host large crowds for electrifying sports events and major concerts.
LDLC Arena will serve as home to Lyon-Villeurbanne’s ASVEL basketball team while accommodating large-scale tournaments, exhibitions, and national and international tours. The venue opened in November with a concert from Lyon-born celebrity and comedian Florence Foresti, and it has already hosted concerts from the likes of The Arctic Monkeys.
Given the stated mission of offering diverse events under one spectacular roof, the LDLC team turned to Marseille-based integration company Snef to design and install a professional concert-grade audio system capable of reinforcing any imaginable content. Snef has a solid history of successful collaboration on similar projects, including the professional sound system installed in Marseille’s multi-purpose Stade Vélodrome. At LDLC Arena, Snef was tasked with providing flexible yet uniform coverage, throughout the audience for any sport or entertainment. In addition, the sound system needed to be compact and adaptable to different arena layouts as the form and capacity of the space changed depending on the event.
"This project was a real adventure for Lyon,” explains Rodolphe Roellinger, national technical director at Snef. “They’ve never had a space capable of hosting such a wide range of events, each requiring an equally versatile and high-quality sound system.”
Snef designed a professional sound system based on L-Acoustics A Series and K Series, chosen for their ability to provide wide coverage without obstructing spectator views during matches, and their capacity to adapt to both intimate performances and international shows. The engineering team used Soundvision to map out coverage, choosing a combination of A Series and K Series for flexibility.
“We’re proud to have a superior sound system provided by L-Acoustics for this special new venue,” says Roellinger. “With its acoustical precision and power, every event leaves an indelible imprint on the audience. The response has been resoundingly positive, with attendees lauding the astounding quality and crystal-clear clarity of the sound. Thanks to L-Acoustics, we've set a new standard for audio experiences in Lyon."

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