PLM+ is a new platform built on the core of the design of the PLM 20000Q
UK - PLM+ is the new touring platform launched in London this week by Lab.gruppen. It offers "all the performance characteristics, flexibility, and raw power of the 20000Q, but with twice the processing power, twice the throughput and a whole host of additional features and improvements designed to deliver real world benefits and make the life cycle of any production easier, smoother and more efficient, from the system design stage, operating, through to the final load out".

PLM+ range offers two models - PLM20k44 and the PLM12k44 - each combining a true 4in/4out configuration for audio IO as well as four modules of Lake Processing.

PLM 12K44 - which is targeted as a successor to the PLM 10000Q - offers "a giant leap forward" in its power segment with Universal power supply, PFC, 8 x Dante Break in/out, and other hugely significant benefits never before available in tour sound.

The 12k44 model features Lab.gruppen's Rational Power Management (RPM) technology, first debuted in the company's recent D Series install platform. A first in live sound, this new feature allows the 12k44 to realise all of the unique performance characteristics of the 20k44 model, a unique feature that could have major implications for a busy rental company.

RPM allows genuinely flexible power allocation across all channels to ensure the most efficient and rational use of total available power output from multiple amplifiers. Therefore minimising inventory as well as optimising workflow.

Martin Andersson, product manager for Lab.gruppen, said, "PLM+ is a new platform built on the core of the design of the PLM 20000Q. We knew we could take the typical hallmarks of reliability and performance, but also offer the end user a whole host of additional, real world benefits. Benefits that could amount to saving a lot of time, energy, money, rack and truck space when scaled up into a large scale touring production."

Klas Dalbjorn, project manager for Lab.gruppen, added, "The addition of RPM into the PLM+ range is an extremely significant addition to this world-leading touring platform, allowing rental houses and touring companies a whole new level of flexibility. When combined with the CAFÉ software suite, it means the end user has real power over every channel driving any system."

Simeon Ludwell, project manager for Lab.gruppen's Applications Engineering and Training division, commented, "PLM+ is like having the ultimate racing car with all the driving aids and engine management tools at your disposal. As an overall package, it is the most compelling choice on the market."

(Jim Evans)

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