Lara Croft Speaks out With Help from Sennheiser
Friday, 31 March 2000
Audio Motion, a computer generated graphics (CGI) and motion capture specialist, recently used Sennheiser UHF radio microphone systems to record vocals for a new television commercial featuring cult heroine Lara Croft. Produced for Sega in several different languages, the advert was handled by studio manager Des Tong, who was also responsible for the original music composition and sound effect creation. Tong explains: "We added a CG Lara to live footage using both full-body and facial motion capture. I recorded the voice-overs with the Sennheiser MKE-2 attached to a pair of HD25 headphones to enable the special Vicon cameras to see the 63 small reflective markers attached to the actresses face. Using the SK3063 UHF transmitter and an EM3031 receiver, the audio can be recorded in sync with the facial movements giving a realistic performance."

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