LDI 2018: WORK PRO returns with Pyron
Tuesday, 16 October 2018
fdc-aThe consoles form the command centre of any Pyron system
USA - Twelve months on from the launch of LightShark at the 2017 LDI show, WORK PRO returns to Las Vegas to launch a completely new range of control hardware: Pyron.
Bringing together the company’s established background in digital audio and lighting control with their R&D team's experience of remote firing systems and pyrotechnic control, WORK PRO's Pyron range comprises several wirelessly controllable devices designed to provide event organisers and touring companies with complete control of stage effects and hardware ranging from stage pyrotechnics, audio and lighting effects to CO2, flame and cold fire spark machines.
At launch, the Pyron range includes an advanced suite of control software, two different DMX-equipped, battery-operable hardware consoles (the FDC W and the more fully-featured FDC A) and the FD P1 wired or wireless trigger pad, all of which are built into easily portable but durable IP67-rated water-resistant ABS transport cases for use in demanding event environments, indoor and out. The consoles connect to M2 pyrotechnic firing modules; up to 64 M2 modules can be used with each console, and each M2 can launch up to 16 fireworks simultaneously.
The consoles form the command centre of any Pyron system; both may be mains- or battery-powered for stage use, in the latter case utilising twin rechargeable 12V lead acid batteries with enough power to last several shows of average length.
“Just as LightShark took the best aspects from the previously incompatible concepts of large-scale lighting consoles and affordable small-footprint lighting control software, and combined them to make a market-leading product, the Pyron range does the same to the concept of stage controllers for lighting, sound and pyrotechnics, which have usually been considered separate items in the past,” explains managing director Juan Jose Vila.
“We anticipate that being able to control all of these aspects of a stage production or outdoor event from a single programmable stage control system with plenty of real-time hardware trigger control options will be very attractive to event organisers, touring companies and stage techs alike.”
(Jim Evans)

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