On display at GLP’s LDI stand will be the Fusion X-PAR 8Z and X-PAR 18Z
USA - GLP (German Light Products) will showcase its innovative portfolio in a future-oriented design, on stand #194. The company invites trade fair visitors to climb aboard its all-white ‘GLP Spaceship’, which will also provide the setting for ‘a very special world premiere’.
GLP's JDC1 Hybrid Strobe is a popular standard that set new standards when it was originally introduced. The JDC2 upgrade will be shown for the first time at LDI.
Larger, significantly brighter than the JDC1, IP65-certified and equipped with a still under-wraps secret special feature, the JDC2 is ‘set to revolutionise the world of professional show lighting again’. Visitors to the stand can look forward to a newly designed show that breaks from the classic light shows at the exhibition stand.
After the successful market launch of the impression X5 Wash 2021, the impression X5 IP Maxx is an even more powerful sister device for applications from greater distances and - thanks to the IP65 version - also outdoors.
The GLP impression X5 IP Maxx emits an extraordinary luminous flux of up to 24,000 lumens with an expanded colour space, from 37 powerful 40W RGBL LEDs. Like all devices in the X5 series, the X5 IP Maxx is equipped with the new iQ.Gamut colour algorithm, which means it always offers a clean white point with a CRI 90+ / TLCI 90 at 6,500 Kelvin.
Like the impression X5 Wash, the impression X5 IP Maxx also offers an extensive effects package. The new 16:1 zoom mechanism allows a penetrating 3.5° parallel beam as well as a homogeneous wash up to 60°. The compact design with a weight of less than 30 kg is designed so that the fixture can be easily installed in common pre-rig truss systems.
Further new products that will be on display at GLP’s LDI stand are the Fusion X-PAR 8Z and X-PAR 18Z which round off the successful series of weatherproof LED PARs with motorised zoom up and down.

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