The 360sq.m of custom printed floor became the centre piece of the arcade-themed set
UK - Following on from the unprecedented success of their first tour in 2014, McBusted are back with a new 21 date arena tour. Captivating fans with a set theme inspired by iconic moments of the late 80's and early 90's including a giant arcade game, the tour is already a huge success.

It was Le Mark's large scale print team who produced the 360sq.m of custom printed floor which became the centre piece of the arcade-themed set. Working together with Production North, Le Mark's design team created a reusable jig-saw style layout. This essentially allowed the floor to be easily installed, then rolled up, transported and reused at every venue on the tour.

Le Mark's Kirsty Fisher commented, "Our print team did an amazing job on this project. Every section was meticulously printed and inspected to ensure each floor piece lined up along the staging and numerous ramped areas. It was quite a challenge, but one I knew we could conquer, with the end result looking absolutely fantastic."

(Jim Evans)

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