Professor Green on tour (photo: Mike Smith)
UK - From the very first moments of 2012, high-output LED lighting fixtures from Leader Light were in action - and they have continued to be in demand through the rest of the year.

Leader's LL Stage6-06DW 'Beam' fixtures saw in the New Year at one of the planet's biggest New Year Parties - Edinburgh's Hogmanay Street Party, which welcomed over 80,000 revellers. Black Light of Edinburgh lit both the East End and West End stages at the event, with the Leader fixtures used on the West End Princes Street stage and used to light acts including Wild Beasts and Friendly Fires.

Black Light's Phil Haldane explains, "We used the Leader Beams in place of Par38 ACLs. They are a very nice, compact unit effectively producing a nice tight white beam with minimal power consumption. They are also highly flexible, allowing individual control of each cell. This allowed us to pixel map the units, creating some great, interesting and jaw-dropping effects."

Lighting designer Leigh Mulpeter of Little Leigh Lighting Design has also chosen Leader Light, again selecting the LL Stage 6-06DW'Beam' fixture, already putting them to use on a showcase production for the Italia Conti School and a new show based on the life of Bob Fosse for the Bodyworks Dance Company.

The Leader Stage 6-06DWBeam fixture is a 600mm-long batten containing six narrow-angle lenses backedby 10W white LEDs, giving six intense near-parallel beams of light, each beam individually controllable to give the widest possible range of beam effects.

It is just one fixture from Leader's extensive range, which includes products for entertainment and architectural, indoor and outdoor use. Others already putting Leader's fixtures to use include LX Communications, Universal Event Productions and DPL Production Lighting, which used the fixtures on the recent Professor Green tour.

(Jim Evans)

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