Lex brings breakthrough technology and innovation to CEE extensions
UK - Lex Products, has expanded its EverGrip line of cable assemblies to bring breakthrough technology and innovation to CEE extensions.

To help resolve the long-time industry problems of loosened screw terminals, damaged housings and ineffective cable strain reliefs, Lex Products has developed the new EverGrip Moulded CEE Extension, the first-ever over-moulded CEE cable extension.

The Evergrip Moulded CEE extensions feature a UV stabilized mould material to prevent degradation of housing when used outdoors, ergonomic hand grip to provide a firm gripping surface for easy connector mating and un-mating and integrated tie loop hole for ease of storage or rigging.

Available in single phase 16 amp and single/three phase 32 Amp PCE plugs and sockets with Titanex HO7 cable, the extensions are offered under a three year limited warranty. Personalised company logos moulded into the body are available on request. The extensions are also available as part of the Lex Products Y Splitter range.

(Jim Evans)

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