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dali-winners-montageDALI Lighting Awards winners announced
Wednesday, 27 January 2021

USA - The DALI Alliance (DiiA), the global industry organisation for DALI lighting control, has announced the winners of the inaugural DALI Lighting Awards during a virtual ceremony.
Held in association with arc (the international architectural lighting design magazine) and the International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD), the awards celebrate the best use of DALI control solutions in international lighting projects as well as recognizing the value of delivering quality illumination to clients and end-users.
A broad range of commercial, architectural and industrial lighting projects linked with DALI technology were nominated. The competition selected winners in different categories for indoor and outdoor lighting alongside a separate category for projects employing outstanding use of certified Zhaga-D4i products.
Judges for this year’s DALI Lighting Awards included Matt Waring, the editor of arc magazine; lighting designer Tad Trylski, an active member of the IALD and former chair of its industry liaison group; and Scott Wade, technical and certification manager for the DALI Alliance.
“The inaugural DALI Lighting awards have been a huge success with a substantial number of project entries in a wide range of sizes and applications across the world,” said Paul Drosihn, GM of the DALI Lighting Alliance. “The nominations showcase plenty of creative and technical merit with DALI being utilised to solve many different lighting control challenges. Many thanks to those who participated, and huge congratulations to all our winners.”

showtime1Mavericks anchor Showtime At The Drive-In
Wednesday, 27 January 2021

USA - Throughout the fall and into the holiday season, Showtime Sound and director of design and production Aaron Kovelman staged Showtime At The Drive-In, a series of concerts coproduced with AutoFlex Entertainment. Held at an improvised drive-in venue at the Frederick Fairgrounds, Frederick MD, the series featured popular artists such as moe, Grace Potter, KIX, Pigeons Playing Ping Pong, Goose, Dark Star Orchestra, Mt. Joy and Blackberry Smoke.
Holding over 300 cars spread out over a wide area, the drive-in offered an experience that’s far from the ideal concert setting, but extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures. “All of us are determined to provide people with the best possible show, regardless of the circumstances,” said Kovelman. “With everyone so spread out at this site, we had to create visuals that were very bold and looked good from any angle.”
Helping Kovelman and his team accomplish this goal was an almost exclusively Chauvet Professional rig that was anchored by 16 Maverick MK3 Profile fixtures. The powerful 820-watt LED movers played a variety of roles in lighting the concert series, including the important task of engaging the widely dispersed audience with dynamic and colourful crowd lighting.
Calling the Maverick units the “workhorses” of his rig, Kovelman positioned eight of them on towers. Their 51,000 source lumen output gave him more-than-ample punch to cover the audience with light, while the 120ﹾ rotation allowed dynamic crowd sweeps.
Kovelman drew on the CMY + CTO colour-rendering cap

ac-et-provided-world-class-products-to-help-zeal-bring-the-land-of-light-to-life-copyright-luke-dyson-2-smallAC-ET helps bring Longleat’s Land of Light to life
Wednesday, 27 January 2021

UK - One of the UK's longest established safari park attractions, Longleat, recently became home to a temporary spectacular seasonal experience, The Land of Light.
The Land of Light was a journey through several different areas and featured a host of bespoke creations.
Longleat partnered with production and hire company, Zeal, who helped design and bring to life this experience.
Steve Hough, Zeal’s managing director comments: “We partnered with Longleat in May 2020 after they had to postpone their regular Festival of Light. The goal was to create a new unique experience from scratch that took consideration of coronavirus during the installation and the event itself. From there, we developed concepts and went on to design, build and produce an experience focused on stimulating the senses that allowed people to immerse themselves in real life, something that wasn’t possible throughout much of 2020.”
The 2km immersive journey featured an impressive 688 lights, 255 speakers, over 72,000 individually controlled pixels, scent machines, projection, a host of atmospheric and water effects, and even a 2,600sq.ft immersive laser room. All of which was synchronised together with more than 38,000m of cable and the latest in technology, bringing the magic of Longleat’s grounds to life as one.
A.C. Entertainment Technologies (AC-ET) was chosen to supply a number of products from leading brands including Dynamic Audio Device (D.A.D), Luminex, LumenRadio and Doughty, for this project.
Jonathan Walters, AC-ET’s sal

dnp20200312christiankoester405GLP JDC Line supports sustainability awards
Wednesday, 27 January 2021

Germany - The German Sustainability Prize (Nachhaltigkeitspreis) has been awarded by the Nachhaltigkeitspreis Foundation for the past 13 years, in cooperation with the country’s Federal Government and several public and civil society institutions. Outstanding sustainability achievements in business, municipalities, and research are awarded in several categories. On 3-4 December 2020, the prizes were presented at the Maritim Hotel in Düsseldorf.
There were two premieres this year: on the one hand, the award in the Design category was presented for the first time, and on the other hand, the award ceremony itself (and accompanying congress) were extensively streamed live due to the pandemic. A large number of award winners were connected live, as were most of the speakers. There were also a few guests who formed part of the supporting programme.
12 of the new GLP JDC Line ensured that plenty of lighting dynamic and wow effects were present in the camera image.
BTL Veranstaltungsstechnik from Düsseldorf was responsible for the event technology, streaming and recording. Flo Erdmann took control of the lighting design on behalf of BTL, and was entrusted with implementation on site, together with BTL’s technical director of lighting, Julian Siewertsen.
The set consisted of a soft-edge tandem projection, which was divided into asymmetric areas in shape, and varied in height. The approximately 30 chairs in the ballroom of the hotel were framed by illuminated recesses and rounded off the overall scene.
As far as the technical implementation

hogETC releases Hog OS v3.15 update
Tuesday, 26 January 2021

ETC has announced the release of Hog 4 OS v3.15 software, which includes enhancements to MIDI mapping of third-party control panels, adding tap tempo for effects and internal effect engine optimizations. This version also contains new keyboard shortcuts a number of bug fixes, listed in the release notes.
Hog 4 OS v3.15 is available for download at
Entertainment controls product manager Sarah Clausen comments: "We are happy to bring improvements to MIDI mapping in this release to follow on our opening up of MIDI/OSC control of encoders and faders in the last release. And many users will be happy to see implementing tap tempo for effects."

adjADJ Pixie Strip enhances Lake Charles church
Tuesday, 26 January 2021

USA - Preparing the Way Ministries, a small but thriving local church in Lake Charles, Louisiana, has invested in an ADJ Pixie Strip system to enhance the lighting in its worship space. The new configuration of pixel-mapped linear LED fixtures allows low-resolution video playback across the rear of the church’s stage area. This provides a versatile backdrop that can be easily adapted to the style or tempo of worship to help enhance the atmosphere without distracting congregants.
With a capacity of approximately 150, Preparing the Way Ministries’ auditorium is a relatively small but modern space. Worship for Sunday services is led by a multi-piece contemporary worship band and the facility is also used for midweek prayer and worship meetings which tend to feature a more stripped-back music group.
Prior to this recent upgrade, the church’s lighting setup simply involved stage washing provided by eight ADJ 5PX HEX LED par fixtures controlled via an iPad running ADJ’s Airstream DMX app connected wirelessly to the Airstream DMX Bridge interface.
Having made the decision to invest in developing the lighting technology in their facility, the church’s leadership brought in specialist AV integration company Stevens Audio Visual to advise on potential options for the upgrade.
“I met with the church and discussed various options,” explains Greg Stevens. “They wanted to do something more creative with their lighting and the worship leader had drawn up a rough schematic for using LED strip fixtures to fill in the dead space on the very plai

pharosPharos goes all-in on Las Vegas strip
Tuesday, 26 January 2021

USA - The ever-evolving Las Vegas strip is renowned for its approach to building bigger, bolder, and brighter structures. One of its latest additions, the Caesars Forum conference centre is no exception, spanning a mammoth 550,000sq.ft and boasting the two largest pillarless ballrooms in the world.
Located in the centre of the Las Vegas strip, Caesars Forum features 300,000sq.ft of flexible meeting space. This consists of the two large ballrooms of 110,000sq.ft each, a further two ballrooms, and six boardrooms and a dedicated outdoor event plaza connected to three hotels with 8,500 guest rooms
As part of the technology integrated into the new event space, Caesars Forum is home to one of the largest single installations of DMX controlled tuneable white lights. The Creston building control system installed and commissioned by NTA and Pulse features over 4,500 DMX lighting fixtures from Spectrum Lighting Inc., Moda Light and Signify, with every single one of these fixtures capable of being individually controlled.
This has been made possible by dividing the facility’s lighting needs into seven core Pharos DMX systems commanded by the main Crestron control system. With systems for each of the four ballrooms, pre-function spaces, boardrooms and exteriors, this offers a high resolution of individual fixture control or zoned group control. The ballroom’s flexible configurations adapt to the client’s needs, as does the lighting system.
This flexibility is absolutely key to the event space at Caesars Forum as the amount of space used can be scale

claypakykosmo12gabotoneClaypaky fixtures light Nanpa Básico stream
Tuesday, 26 January 2021

Columbia - Rapper and singer-songwriter Nanpa Básico held his virtual Kosmo concert last autumn with a large complement of Claypaky fixtures lighting up the live-streamed show.
A team from Arbol Naranja, led by Jorge Jiménez, Camilo Mejía and William Gallo, were challenged to craft a virtual concert that the public would enjoy from their homes and that recreated the mood of a live show on any digital device. “Reinventing the way in which Nanpa's music is consumed live opened a door for us to a format that we will continue to perform in, without any doubt,” says Arbol Naranja manager Jorge Jiménez.
Nanpa Básico fuses rhythms, such as bolero and reggae, for a hip hop style very much his own. According to the Arbol Naranja team, he is an unconventional artist who integrates orchestral musicians and treats the rhythm and style of each song with great presence and personality. For that reason it was imperative to keep the focus on every detail.
Lighting designer William Gallo was also tasked to illuminate the show in a broadcast style highlighting Nanpa, his musicians and the orchestra.
Gallo and show designer Camilo Mejía selected Claypaky luminaires with knowledge of the brand and an awareness that “it was necessary to have powerful and very defined luminaires to be able to exchange the smoke and lights of a live show for the planes and lighting for broadcast cameras,” says Mejía
Working on the design of the show, it was necessary to illuminate certain strategic points and achieve the overall look of the show at the same tim

notowysiwyg joins Andrea Bocelli at Noto Cathedral
Tuesday, 26 January 2021

Italy - Andrea Bocelli and Igor Mitoraj’s sculptural works were the protagonists of a special evening in Noto to promote Sicilian Unesco sites. wysiwyg was also honoured to be there to help light this concert and its cultural assets as Andrea’s voice filled the piazza in front of the Noto Cathedral in Sicily during a concert held to convey a message of courage and unity among the seven sites recognised by UNESCO in Sicily (see our latest issue for a report on the event).
The tenor was accompanied by an orchestra and the Teatro Massimo Bellini choir in Catania, directed by Alberto Bartalini.
The event is organised thanks to the financial commitment of the Sicilian Region and the Municipality of Noto. The runs until February and looks to ignite a focus on Sicily's world-class assets. Massimo Tomasino, a local lighting designer, was asked to be the programmer for Andrea’s special event. Not only did Massimo have the lighting design experience, but he also had experience with architecture, theatre, dance, music, and art.
Massimo Tomasino has been a wysiwyg user since Release 10. For Massimo, Wysiwyg has become an indispensable and go-to tool through the years and used on all of his designs as he works with various Italian artists.
For this concert, it was most important to enhance the five works of Mitoraj positioned on the stairs of the cathedral, the cathedral itself and An

robe-lighting-show-japan-103Rental companies support Robe Lighting Show
Tuesday, 26 January 2021

Japan - Lighting designer Mr. Mitsumasa Hayashi created The Robe Lighting Show - a piece of light art at the Urayasu Mai Studio of the Nihon Stage Co, which featured over 350 Robe moving lights. These were supplied by prominent Japanese rental companies, M-Tech Style and the Mula Corporation. The piece was commissioned by Mr. Masaharu Sakamoto who heads up LTG, Robe’s Japanese distributor.
With live performances halted worldwide due to the pandemic, Mr. Sakamoto was keen to produce a lighting art video concept that could be enjoyed and appreciated by lighting enthusiasts worldwide, and he knew Mr Hayashi was the right person to create a brilliant, poignant, and high-impact work.
Mr Sakamoto himself was inspired by the positive, robust power of Robe’s brand messaging during these uncertain pandemic times. “A show like this using Robe products exclusively is unprecedented in Japan, so it was great to create one with everyone’s cooperation,” he comments.
He wanted to work with Mr. Hayashi on this project as a leading influencer and practitioner both in the Japanese lighting industry and internationally.
The 10-minute lightshow features three music tracks and the action takes place on an empty stage which is bare apart from a large and symbolic piece of driftwood, placed so Mr Hayashi could imagine a world of light and energy around it inspired by the music.
His goal was to also keep the space open and the lighting very fluid and kinetic allowing each viewer to interpret independently and enjoy their own individual journey

robe-usmevRobe smiles for Christmas in Slovakia
Monday, 25 January 2021

Slovakia - Ŭsmev ako dar (Smile As A Gift) is a high-profile gala evening and charity concert broadcast on Christmas Eve on Slovakia’s national RTVS Channel 1.
The show features the participation of children from orphanages and foster care facilities across Slovakia, together with some of the country’s best known popular singers, bands, and dancers.
Slovakian technical production and rental company Q-99, headed by Martin Kubanka, has been involved with the Smile As A Gift foundation since 1994, and this year’s festival special was recorded – without audience due to Covid restrictions – in a pop-up streaming studio created at their warehouse facility in Bratislava-Čunovo.
The studio was built earlier in the year to provide some revenue during the pandemic. In keeping with Q-99’s commitment to excellence in lighting, video, and audio, it soon became known for its premium technical facilities.
The company has invested in Robe products right from when the brand launched, and the studio is full of Robe moving lights – including BMFL WashBeams, Pointes, LEDWash 600s and 600+s, Spiiders, Spikies and LEDBeam 100s – 136 of which in total which were used for this show in a lighting design by Štefan Čulen.
The Ŭsmev ako dar studio comprised five different stages, each with columns of LED screen at the back and the various performers and presenters all working together.
Each stage was built so they could benefit from the general studio lighting rig and also have their own ‘specials’ and floor packages.

bocuse-dorChamSys on menu for Bocuse d’Or Europe 2020
Monday, 25 January 2021

Estonia - On the final day of Bocuse d'Or Europe 2020, leading chefs from 24 nations gathered with their teams in different rooms at the Saku Arena in Talin early in the morning to review their secret plans for the dishes they would be offering judges later that afternoon.
All of them would be working with Estonian quail and eel catfish. The culinary wizard who blended these basic ingredients into ‘the most sumptuous and alluring gastronomical creation’ would be crowned European Champion by Estonian president Kersti Kaljulaid.
As the top chefs and their assistants met in secret that morning, Olev Luhaäär was also busy meeting with his team as they reviewed plans for lighting the televised event under unusual circumstances. (Unlike in previous years there was no live audience in the 10,000-seat arena because of the pandemic.) Luhaäär had begun preparing for this project six months earlier, working with project manager Gamal Elhuveig. Now it was time for a final review with his crew: LD Rene Jõhve, and tech support specialist Kristo Sooalu.
Like the chefs, preparing their entries, Luhaäär and his associates had to balance varying elements together into a smoothly integrated final creation. Helping them in this endeavour was the ChamSys MagicQ MQ500M Stadium console.
“People and sets changed all the time during the programme, so we constantly made small adjustments for the lighting, all the while ensuring that we remained camera friendly,” said Luhaäär who used eight universes and 120 different lighting fixtures for the broadcast

robe-first-fortesFirst Robe Fortes make landfall in France
Monday, 25 January 2021

France - Robe’s new flagship, high powered, TE (Transferable Engine) LED luminaire – the Forte – has made landfall in France where the new units have been delivered from the Czech Republic via Robe France to rental and technical production specialist Concept Audiovisuel.
The 40,000 lumen fixture features Robe’s new 1000W white LED light engine, complete with independent zone control for even higher output when zoomed in. The engine is fully and easily replaceable – extending the lifespan of the fixture.
Concept Audiovisuel is based in Niort, western France, and was founded in 1998 by Pierig Burgin and Hughes Mongrand as a design rental and installation company.
The usually busy schedule sees the delivery of lighting, audio, staging and rigging solutions for a wide range of rental and installation projects covering concert touring, live events, and festival sectors. Concept Audiovisuel is a technical partner for some of France’s most popular festivals including Francofolies, Hellfest, Cognac Blues Passions, Au Fil du Son, Les Vieilles Charrues and many more.
Apart from enjoying being ‘first’ and keeping ahead of the technology trends, Pierig explains that they wanted the Fortes – part of the first full production batch to leave the Robe factory – to replace older workhorse moving light fixtures. These Fortes are the first of a larger order.
“This fixture with its immense power and transferable LED module plus other features like the 5 - 50 degree zoom, framing shutters and multiple effects plus other parameters lik

ad-jADJ introduces The Link lighting control
Friday, 22 January 2021

USA - ADJ has introduced the latest edition to its range of lighting control solutions, The Link. This hardware/ software system combines the processing power, wireless connectivity and multitouch screen of an iPad with lighting-specific tactile controls and a four universe DMX interface to deliver a control solution.
The Link fills the void between small single universe DMX controllers and large format lighting consoles, says the company. It is designed to simplify control for aspiring lighting designers, small production companies, churches, community theatres and performances spaces, providing a new connection between lights and creativity.
The ADJ Link control system is powered by the dedicated Airstream LINK iOS App for iPad, which is available as a free download from the Apple App Store. This lighting control platform includes an extensive fixture library, making it easy to setup for different shows and equipment configurations. It incorporates powerful tools to allow the easy creation of complex movements and colour chase effects, and allows the iPad’s memory to be utilized for storing custom scenes and shows that can be quickly re-loaded when required.
The software also makes use of the iPad’s precise touchscreen interface to facilitate actions such as colour mixing and drawing custom movement shapes.
To augment the iPad’s screen interface, the Link hardware offers a selection of ergonomic controls designed to give lighting designers the hands-on experience of a traditional lighting console. Four large rotary encoder wheels, with

acA.C. companies support MBSE with Luminex
Friday, 22 January 2021

UK - Lighting rental house MBSE has made a significant investment in over 500 Luminex network and lighting distribution devices. This substantial acquisition was supplied by sister companies A.C. Entertainment Technologies (AC-ET) and A.C. Lighting to the MBSE technical teams on both sides of the Atlantic.
Created specifically for the entertainment industry, Luminex products are becoming increasingly responsible for managing the data behind many of today’s fixture heavy productions.
AC-ET’s brand development manager, Neil Vann comments: “In my opinion, Luminex has established itself as arguably one of the industry’s leading standards for data distribution. The attention to detail and ability to make sure that everything on set reacts as it is supposed to, exactly when it is supposed to, makes these products an incredibly important part of an installation. When it comes to reliability and simplicity, in the studio or on location, Luminex really are a leader in this field. We are delighted to be supporting MBSE, both in the UK and the US with this industry leading hardware.”
Speaking about the recent investment, MBSE UK technical director, Steve Howard says: “MBSE has been consistently supporting crews the world over, on some of the most important productions of the last few years. With the advent of ever more creative technology being used on set, the need for robust data management has become an essential ingredient. Through A.C. sister companies, these Luminex units provide us with exactly what’s needed to handle even the most comple

astera-live-company-royal-swedish-opera-tristan-and-isolde0992-photo-by-soren-vilkasAstera strikes the right notes for Live Company
Friday, 22 January 2021

Denmark - Live Company is a full technical production and rental specialist based in Skovlunde, a suburb of Copenhagen, owned by Peter Clausen, Mikkel Bedsted and two other business partners, all of whom are dedicated to providing quality service and high production values to clients across multiple performance genres.
Since 2018, the company has invested steadily in Astera products, the first ones being AX1 PixelTubes which were purchased to illuminate the domed roof of Cirkusrevyen’s big top venue in Dyrehavsbakken (the north of Copenhagen).
Started in 1935, Cirkusrevyen is the biggest revue show in Denmark and has been performed every year except 2020, when the season was cancelled due to the Coronavirus pandemic!
The AX1s were modified with special magnetic fastenings for this specific project. They were utilised during a spectacular dance number, where the dancers plucked them from the stage floor and mounted them vertically and horizontally on the set thanks to the magnets. They also charged off power from the set, and ran flawlessly for over 150 performances, for which the lighting was designed by Malthe Haugaard who has been working in this role since 2015.
Since then, Live Company has increased its stock of the RGBW AX1s, and now has over 70 fixtures in the house, as well as investing in 24 Astera AX3 LightDrops.
“These Astera products are great for so many things,” commented Peter, adding that they have been used on multiple types of project from music videos to set dressing and illumination.
Recently, 54 AX1s w

granite-state-baseball-dinner2Mavericks add impact to baseball dinner
Friday, 22 January 2021

USA - Like all minor league baseball teams, The New Hampshire Fisher Cats had no 2020 baseball season, because of the COVID-19 lockdown. Although the crack of the bat and thump of a fastball hitting the catcher’s glove could not be heard at C this summer, the connection that the club, an affiliate of the Toronto Blue Jays, has to fans remains as strong as ever.
This was very evident at the team’s annual Granite State Baseball Dinner. Held virtually this year, with Events United producing the event at Studio Lab, the fundraiser ran over its scheduled time because of the high level of interest from fans throughout New Hampshire. “The Fisher Cats are an institution in this area,” said Tim Messina, owner of Events United. “Since they could not hold their dinner live, we helped them create a new atmosphere of their traditional event in a livestream.”
The key to creating a welcoming mood in the broadcast was a massive 53ft wide by 14ft tall curved video wall backdrop that was used to display engaging backgrounds, images, and live video conferencing feeds featuring baseball stars like Danny Jansen, starting catcher for the Blue Jays, as well as legends like Boston Red Sox Hall of Famers, Bernie Carbo and Luis Tiant.
“The live video conferencing calls were big part of the show,” said producer Chase Clark. “During the calls, the centre third of our video wall displayed the baseball stars interacting live with each other and Tyler Murray, the host for the event. Tyler did a great job balancing all the different feeds and calling audibles wh

albert3LR confirms Albert certification
Thursday, 21 January 2021

UK - 3LR Lighting has received Albert Certification. Albert is the authority on environmental sustainability for film and TV, whose role is to advise stakeholders in the industry on effective measures to reduce carbon footprint. 3LR achieved its certification as a result of its commitment to the promotion of green products and methods across every area of its business.
MD Matthew Lloyd is very proud: “The brands we represent all strive towards creating environmentally friendly products, and the 3LR team has vast experience of helping to deliver green solutions across the different sectors in which we operate. Albert is a BAFTA organisation, funded by the industry, which plays a very important role in offering training and advice to those involved in production, enabling them to develop and embed sustainability in all their practices.
“At 3LR, we represent a number carefully chosen brands and make recommendations to clients about what will work best for their particular project - sustainability is a central part of that consultation process, so we are delighted to be recognised in this way.”

chroma-q-color-force-iiMore Chroma-Q Color Force for Östgötateatern
Thursday, 21 January 2021

Sweden - Östgötateatern, Sweden’s largest regional theatre, has further invested in Chroma-Q’s award-winning Color Force IITM Cyc, Wash & Effects LED battens.
Welcoming around 100,000 visitors a year across their two theatre buildings and smaller venues, Östgötateatern offers a wide range of theatre - from classic Swedish tales, to modern international plays. With Color Force II in demand for a number of their performances they have expanded their stock to 26 units to enable the fixtures to be used on multiple stages and performances at the same time.
Linn Persson, lighting designer at Östgötateatern, comments: “We first purchased Color Force II back in 2018, and they have since become a staple fixture for a number of performances taking place in our theatres. We have been very impressed with their performance, which meets our requirements for a good, strong cyc light perfectly. Our backdrops are often 7m or higher, and with Chroma-Q’s Color Force II we can light many metres high without loss of intensity higher up on the wall.”
As soon as the pandemic situation allows, Östgötateatern will re-open their theatre buildings. Two upcoming plays that are planned for their big stages are the classic adventure Peer Gynt and the Swedish premiere of the comical Finnish play, Expedition Kyla. Now with additional stock of the units, Color Force II will be used on both of these performances taking place at the same time.
Linn continues, “Color Force II is a great fixture. It is smooth, bright and colourful cyc light.

img9121-5b88977a38185a77DeltaLive continues London fireworks tradition
Thursday, 21 January 2021

UK - The 2020 celebrations marked the 17th year that DeltaLive has provided communications and audio services for London's New Year's Eve festivities (get the full story of the NYE spectacular in the upcoming LSi issue).
Jack Morton, the global brand experience agency, helped to develop the original concept for this annual event and worked in partnership with the Mayor of London's office and a dedicated team of experts to create the experience. The 10-minute show, designed for home viewing and created in collaboration with the BBC, was broadcast live on BBC1 and watched by a global viewing audience of millions.
Due to COVID-19, audiences were not able to attend the event this year, which would normally see some 100,000 spectators. But with no audience, this gave the Jack Morton led production team the opportunity to expand on previous years and utilise multiple locations across London, each with its own different display. With new elements added and additional areas, it was imperative that communication between all areas was robust and reliable.
Microwave links were installed between each location which included The Shard, Tower Bridge, London Bridge, Docklands and Wembley Stadium. At all locations Matrix Comms IP panels were installed so each location and various departments could have one to one and group calls, ensuring constant communication. Also a wide area Motorola system was installed spanning and linking all areas and departments.
Delta distributed playback at each location as the entire show was triggered live on the night,

het-rad-van-fortuin2PWL calls on Chauvet for Wheel of Fortune
Wednesday, 20 January 2021

Belgium - The Belgian edition of Wheel of Fortune (Het Rad van Fortuin), first appeared in 1976, only a year after its American counterpart debuted.
Like all long-running success stories, the Wheel of Fortune franchise has survived thanks to its ability to adapt and change, a quality that has enabled it to appeal to new generations of fans without losing their parents. This renewal process was very much in evidence in the 2020 edition of the Belgian show, which featured a sleek new set designed by Deusjevoo.
Accentuating this set and endowing with extra vibrancy and depth was a lighting and video design by Painting With Light that featured an extensive collection of Chauvet Professional fixtures supplied by Splendit, including the EPIX Strip IP, Maverick MK3 Profile, Maverick MK2 Profile, Rogue R2X Wash, Ovation E-910FC ellipsoidal, COLORado Panel Q40 and COLORdash Batten-Quad 12.
This is the first season of Wheel of Fortune that has been produced in Belgium by SBS, and the broadcaster wanted to distinguish its rendition of the legendary show by giving it stand out looks that combined modern elegance and style with a relaxed, welcoming feel.
Painting with Light took “a theatrical approach” to this project by creating a series of pleasing visual ‘big pictures’ that stood out on their own while also encompassing the overall coziness. Luc Peumans, CEO of Painting with Light, and his team worked closely with C-Mine neighbour Dries Hermans and art director Lieven van Overbeke over an intense six-week period to create th

isl-season202GLP Fusion in the swim in Budapest
Wednesday, 20 January 2021

Hungary Production designer Frédéric ‘Aldo’ Fayard (of Concept K) deployed Fusion by GLP FS20 Sticks for the first time when lighting the recent ISL (International Swimming League) event in Budapest.
Born from the initiative of Ukrainian businessman Konstantin Grigorishin, the event features 10 teams of 28 swimmers, who take part in a knockout competition, culminating in two semi-finals and a final. Held inside a sanitary bubble, the audience-free occasion was one of the biggest sporting events in the world this year and was broadcast on CBS in the US and BeIN Sport among others.
From a lighting perspective, Fayard had to ensure this high-profile international competition, where several world records were broken, still retained its entertainment value in the absence of an audience.
The LD founded Concept K 23 years ago, mainly for touring and classical events. With up to 15 designers and programmers working for it over the years it has become a forerunner in its field in France.
He joined forces with Antoine D'Halluin, projects director at PRG, on the set and scenographic design, as the event’s production team sought their expertise. The two men have been frequent collaborators over the years and Fayard remarked that “for this type of project there is no precedent, so everything had to be invented. The fact that there was zero audience added difficulty to the equation, as did meeting the strict requirements of broadcast, an omnipresent Augmented Reality, and of course all the requirements linked to the obligations of a world-class

morton-arboretum-202022Lightswitch redesigns arboretum illumination
Wednesday, 20 January 2021

USA - For The Morton Arboretum, the idea of not running Illumination this past holiday season was not an option, says Lightswitch principal John Featherstone about the popular wintertime lighting display in Lisle, Illinois. Illumination continues to shine through after being redesigned for a drive-thru experience using additional Elation luminaires, the eighth year for the project.
“It’s about a partnership between a remarkable institution, and an industry full of incredibly creative, hard-working and motivated people who are still passionate about delivering remarkable experiences to an entertainment-starved public and bringing relief to people,” says Featherstone. “The motivating force behind why the Arboretum decided to pivot Illumination to a driving experience was not only to ensure guest safety in the middle of a pandemic, but also because we all felt there was something we owed the local community.
“For seven years, we've asked the guests of the Chicago area to come to the Arboretum and we felt a responsibility to honour that. This has been a year of ‘no’s’ and it would have been easy for the Arboretum to have skipped this year, but we wanted to deliver something to the people of Chicagoland that was a ‘yes’.”
The new driving experience includes favourite lighting displays re-envisioned along with six newly designed sights displayed along a two-mile road among the Arboretum's magnificent trees. Guests immerse themselves in magical woodlands and landscapes filled with dramatic lighting and colour-changin

enchantedShowtec lights Knowsley Christmas trail
Wednesday, 20 January 2021

UK - Knowsley Safari Park, just outside of Liverpool lets you see baboons, prides of lions and much more. This year they organised Enchanted, a foot safari which comes alive as the sun sets. You can enjoy the safari after dark as the whole path is lit with magical lights which guides you through the enchanted trail.
Stage Management Company installed the lights for this project. They used Showtec Spectral M800 Q4 IP65 spots. Additionally they deployed Showtec Cameleon flood and Showtec Cameleon bar 24/3, both very powerful fixtures. The Showtec Festoon string was used as well, which has a length of 15m with 20 pixels. Each pixel can be controlled individually with the dedicated Festoon controller.
Completing the setting were the Infinity iW-1915 fixtures, where LEDs are divided in five controllable sections allowing for rich colour flows and creative patterns. For controlling all these fixtures they used eight units of Showtec TR-512 DMX trigger/recorder, which can trigger any lightshow or scene in a simple way.


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