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lasergridTarm Showlaser launches Lasergrid
Thursday, 22 February 2018

Europe - Laser presentations specialist Tarm Showlaser has launched Lasergrid, which combines a number of single laser units with one single-coloured laser source, one or more power supply units and accessories.
The single laser units are flexible to install and can be utilised on a ceiling, wall, on a truss or daisy-chained in a horizontal and/or vertical line.
Each laser module generates a linear beam and all modules together form a laser grid with parallel laser beams.
Each laser unit can be individually controlled by DMX (dimming). Number and design of the single components can be individually customised.
The power supply provides the necessary supply voltage for all connected modules in one chain as well as the DMX interface for DMX control. The connection of daisy chained emergency stop systems is possible.
Approximately 10 laser modules with connecting cables of 3m to 5m length can be connected to one power supply unit.
(Jim Evans)

targetvideo1Chauvet creates skyline for Grammy video
Thursday, 22 February 2018

USA - The song fit the moment for Target when the company sponsored a 3:15 minute video of the No.1 Billboard dance hit The Middle during the 28 January broadcast of the Grammy Awards.
Like the awards show itself, the melodic tune, which features country star Maren Morris, EDM producer Zedd and the dance pop duo Grey, illustrates the power of music to pull together a diverse mix of cultural influences. Supporting this musical melding was a captivating video that featured a stunning skyline background of varying geometric light configurations, created by Volt Lites using 325 ChauvetProfessional Nexus 4x4 panels.
Arranged in different heights across the set, which represented the roof of an urban high rise, the Nexus panels flashed on and off in a variety of patterns to evoke powerful images of a city skyline. This setting lent an edge to Morris’ haunting vocals and provided an intense backdrop to the video’s intricate choreography.
“The idea was to create an environment that could support the dynamics of the song in a larger-than-life set,” explained Volt Lites designer and co-founder Matt Shimamoto. “Each element needed to have a moment that could consume the shot at a very specific time throughout the song.
“We went through many different versions of what could be in each of the ‘buildings’ in the background. We selected the Nexus panel 4x4 based on a few principles. We needed something that could be punchy enough to blast through the building windows, yet soft enough to be forgiving when the diffusion was placed inche

super-bowlGLP LEDs in Pepsi Super Bowl LII Halftime Show
Thursday, 22 February 2018

USA - Around 250 of GLP’s LED products were deployed at the Pepsi Super Bowl LII Halftime Show during Philadelphia Eagles’ defeat of New England Patriots at the US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis. The show featured a versatile 12-minute set from Justin Timberlake that spanned the entire field.
For lighting designer Bob Barnhart of 22 Degrees, for whom this was his 20th involvement in the event (and ninth as principle LD) the extreme, sub-zero temperatures were just one of the many challenges he faced. The event required all his expertise.
Collaborating with set designer Bruce Rodgers of Tribe Inc, Nick Whitehouse, Justin Timberlake’s designer, and Josh Zangen (of Fireplay), he again drew heavily on GLP’s inventory to help illuminate Justin Timberlake’s show, which took place in eight different performance positions.
Barnhart explained, “JT was turning in so many different directions throughout the show, one of the biggest challenges was just keeping him lit properly. We had many different ‘key’ light looks, but it was quite the process coming up with all the proper angles, especially when you consider that we had to pick our final spot positions way back in September.”
The show opened in a basement ‘Laser Lounge’, doubling as the underpinning of the 360° stage, before JT emerged down the catwalk ramp, and duly used the full expanse of stage and then field (all of which were immersed in production lighting). Over the course of the 12 minutes, he not only worked through his catalogue of hits but paid homage to hometow

robe-intralite-slovenia-int041056083Intralite adds MegaPointes & Spiiders
Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Slovenia - Slovenian rental company Intralite has become one of the first companies in the country to invest in MegaPointes, having purchased 12 units from distributor MK Light Sound.
In the last 18 months Intralite has also invested in a total of 24 Spiiders as well as MMX WashBeams, all of which have been added to their existing Robe rental stock.
The launch of the MegaPointe was great timing for Intralite as Ales was looking for some multi-purpose fixtures to cover the diversity of events they service. He attended the demo staged by MK Light Sound for the new light and placed his order shortly afterwards.
“I needed a hybrid that I could use in any location and for any type of event – a wide application fixture is important for smaller markets like Slovenia, (the total population is just over 2 million) and this can be a beam, a spot or a wash, and is also great for concerts and music shows,” he stated.
He recently used the new MegaPointes and around 150 other Robe fixtures across two sites on a massive event for the Petrol Group corporation at Ljubljana’s Gospodarsko Razstavišče Sejem.
They were also encouraged when Slovenia’s largest rental company Event Lighting committed to buying Spiiders, knowing there would also be good cross-rental opportunities, and this same pattern also applied to the MegaPointes.
The first gig for the first batch of Spiiders was Croatian rockers Prljavo Kazalište. LD Sven Kučinić originally had LEDWash 600s on the spec, and was very happy to use Spiiders. Ales himself likes the powe

erickbaker1-websafeErick Baker woos Valentines crowd with Bandit Lites
Wednesday, 21 February 2018

USA - Following his successful Valentines concert series, singer-songwriter Erick Baker returned once again to the historic Bijou Theatre with Bandit Lites for two more sold-out evenings.
Baker is known to his fans for baring his soul in performances, and to mirror that intimacy and tenderness in the lighting, the team at Bandit Lites crafted a design that would set the right mood.
“We provided seven of our new crystal chandeliers to help set the mood,” said Bandit Lites general manager, Giff Swart. “With the warm glow of tungsten and the refractive properties of the crystal, it is a huge effect. We also provided Freedom Pars to light the cyc backdrop. Lastly, we provided eight Martin Mac 2000 Performances with custom heart gobos, which when used in conjunction with the effects-wheel, looked stunning.”
Lighting director Alex Becker utilised and re-focused all the Bijou’s existing LED stage wash fixtures and Leko ellipsoidal front wash, in addition to tying in Bandit’s fixtures with their DMX control console. Bandit Lites DF-50 provided haze, giving the stage additional dimension and mood looks for the intimate performance. While balancing colour-combination, beam-looks, and basic front light to compliment any song is a normal challenge in lighting direction, the added dimension of the evening’s romantic nature added another component to balance.
“The crowd usually wants to be able to see the performers, but ultimately it is a visceral experience the audience really craves,” noted Swart. “The Bijou itself is a smaller venue,

dancingoniceLED Creative adds sparkle to Dancing on Ice
Wednesday, 21 February 2018

UK - Helping to add a touch of colour to the new studio installation at Dancing on Ice, illumination rental and installation specialist LED Creative provided over 1600m of its Alpha 60 RGB system and 750m of their Sigma 60.
Housed within a custom-built studio structure, the Dancing on Ice set is a vibrant, super versatile space featuring an interview and judging dais swathed in neon tones and an ice rink. Against a bank of video walls, the rink set has been creatively formed to combine the show’s ‘ice swirl’ branding with a flexible lighting installation by LD Dave Davey that can adapt instantly to reflect the myriad of musical styles that accompany each performance.
Scenic designer Dominic Tolfts has cleverly applied the LED Creative Alpha and Sigma systems throughout his design, adding highly controllable colour, movement and intensity to the set pieces, to create a dynamic, dazzling backdrop to the show.
Working with lighting gaffer Dave Hallet, LED Creative’s project manager Tim Rees and gaffer Brad Purse, the crew also employed the company’s BYTE Controllers and silent running BIT Control units to help allow maximum precision and artistic control over the LED installation with minimum programming time.
Speaking about LED Creative’s Alpha and Sigma systems, Dominic Tolfts says, “Working with LED Creative is always a pleasure and their attention to detail is second to none. The versatility and ease of use of the led systems that they supply are brilliant. The products give the unique elements of the set design i

trans-siberianPhilips Lighting on track with Trans-Siberian Orchestra
Wednesday, 21 February 2018

USA - Philips Lighting reports that its Philips VL6000 Beam was chosen by lighting designer Bryan Hartley to create his 'rock theatre' design for the recent winter tour by Trans-Siberian Orchestra.
Hartley, who has lit the American rock band's shows for the past 18 years, found the output and appearance of the new VL6000 Beam suitable to create the searchlight effect. He says: "The VL6000 Beam has an awesome output, which more than delivered to expectations."
Hartley continues: "I wanted to sync' the production with the show's story, which is about a child who wanders into an old theatre. I designed the set to be an old theatre during narrations, then during the songs the stage morphs into a rock stage. The impressive output and the look of the VL6000 Beam helped to create that old-style movie Skytracker look."
Hartley adds: "I wanted lots of small lights, but also some big lights, positioned at each side of the theatre, to stand out among the rest. The VL6000 Beam looks the part. I also have three huge video screens and the VL6000 Beam is so bright, it's able to cut right through and be visible against that LED background."
The show's design pays tribute to the late Paul O'Neill, the band's founder and lyricist who passed away in April 2017. O'Neill's love for the concept of ‘rock theatre’ survives through Hartley's design. Hartley explains: "Paul was everything Trans-Siberian Orchestra. His passion made it the most amazing show, year after year. He loved the term rock theatre, so I came up with a theatre of light that coincides with the

mod-seriesADJ introduces modular LED par design
Tuesday, 20 February 2018

USA - ADJ has introduced its latest range of professional LED par fixtures, the MOD Series. Each of the four new models offers a different LED light-source, suitable for a wide variety of applications, but they all feature the same innovative modular casing design which takes LED par flexibility to a new level, says the company.
These pars are ‘modular’ in two different ways. First, the main body moves – pulling the LEDs inside the casing – so that a snoot can be quickly and easily created to eliminate side glare if required in a particular situation. Second, the black metal outside casing can easily be removed and replaced with a pearl white housing kit (sold separately). This means that production companies and rental houses can invest in just one set of LED pars but have the flexibility of using them in either white or black depending on the requirements of each event or project.
Four fixtures make up the MOD Series, each with the same pioneering design but with a different configuration of LEDs. The entry-level MOD QA60 features four 15-Watt 4-in-1 RGBA LEDs for a total power output of 60W. Offering a diverse palette of colours, this affordable fixture is designed for a wide variety of stage, dancefloor and architectural lighting duties.
For larger venues and productions when increased brightness is required, the MOD QW100 boasts a total of seven 15-Watt 4-in-1 RGBW LEDs creating a total power output of 105W. The use of a white LED element for this model in place of the amber featured on the QA60 allows for intense cool white washes of l

adlib-cunard-building-smColorist install highlights historic Cunard Building
Tuesday, 20 February 2018

UK - Sitting on the banks of the river Mersey in Liverpool, the Grade II listed Cunard Building embodies the rich maritime history of the city. Constructed in the heyday of Liverpool’s shipping industry between 1914 and 1917, the building was the headquarters of the Cunard Line until the 1960s and was also home to Cunard's passenger facilities for transatlantic journeys departing from the city.
When the building’s current owners recently decided upon bolstering its evening appearance on the waterfront, they turned to local install specialists Adlib for an architectural lighting concept, who specified 24 Colorist Panel 36Qa and 14 Colorist Panel 8Qa Iluminarc fixtures to accentuate the building’s Italian Renaissance-inspired architectural aesthetic.
“It was a tough task to illuminate one of Liverpool’s most iconic buildings and UNESCO World Heritage Site,” commented Adlib installations manager Richard Murphy. “The Colorist fixtures, however, offered a perfect solution to tastefully illuminate the building’s façade and draw attention to the building’s subtle sculptures.”
Murphy and his team positioned 24 Colorist 36Qa fixtures along the ground to illuminate the lower three floors of the building, with the 14 Colorist 8Qa fixtures positioned midway up the building to provide coverage to the upper three floors.
“The Colorist panels provide excellent even coverage to the building’s façade,” continued Murphy. “As a result, the simple beauty of the building is highlighted, with the building clearly visible from the othe

neg-earth-lights-websafeNeg Earth invests in Chroma-Q Color Force II
Tuesday, 20 February 2018

UK - Rental production company Neg Earth Lights has added the Chroma-Q Color Force II LED cyc, wash & effects light to its stockholding and is supplying the fixture for a number of high-profile concert tours, live music events and TV shows.
Lighting designer Tim Routledge approached Neg Earth looking for a LED washlight for a particular project, and was impressed by the Chroma-Q Color Force II.
In recent months, he has utilised the fixture on a variety of projects. These include using nearly 60 Color Force II to powerfully illuminate the entire room as a single surface for a show by a leading British pop artist inside one of The Tanks - huge concrete, circular underground rooms at the Tate Modern measuring over 30m across and 7m high.
In addition, Tim has utilised nearly 40 fixtures to provide different floor lighting packages for performers during six shows in the latest series of The X Factor.
He says: "The Color Force II are my new 'go to' LED cyc and wash light. They are super bright, the colours are really great, and the evenness of the cyc lighting is superb. I've previously used the original Color Force many times, but the new fixture takes this type of lighting to another level."
Neg Earth has also supplied its stock of Color Force II units for a number of other recent and upcoming high-profile entertainment projects.
They originally trialled Color Force II when, as the premier rental supplier for last year's Glastonbury Festival, Neg Earth made the fixture central to its lighting package for the Pyramid Stage. Nea

time-squareRobe’s a knockout at EFC
Tuesday, 20 February 2018

South Africa - The recently-opened, multi-purpose Sun Arena at the Time Square in Pretoria (see report on the venue in LSi March 2018) hosted the Extreme Fighting Championship (EFC) in December last year.
With the heavyweight title up for grabs, it was lighting designer Gary Sam who was throwing the blows. In his arsenal was the in-house Robe lighting system which South African distributor DWR Distribution supplied to the new venue. The lighting included 12 Robe BMFL Spot, 6 Robe BMFL Blades, 12 BMFL WashBeam, 24 Robe Spiiders, 24 Robin Pointes, 12 Robin LedBeam 100, 42 Longman F4Up and a LeMaitre MVS.
“The brief from EFC was to make the show look as spectacular as possible, using effect lighting without compromising the TV ‘key’ lighting,” said Gary. MGG Productions were the technical support at the venue and assisted with set up, while Gearhouse South Africa supplied all the generic lighting and additional crew.
“This was EFC’s final event of the year, and also the finale to the EFC reality show called The Fighter,” he explains. “What made it special for me was being able to have more lighting fixtures than usual at my disposal which allowed me to make the event look and feel even more spectacular.”
A highlight for Gary was also working with the crew on the event. “The event was made special thanks to the MGG and Gearhouse team who were there as tech support. I always say that the crew make the show happen.”
(Jim Evans)

backstage-imageLeading brands on show at The Backstage Centre
Tuesday, 20 February 2018

UK - The Backstage Centre will host open days on 1-2 March, inviting visitors to discover and demo new products from leading professional brands including JTS, FBT, ADJ, Allen & Heath, DuraTruss, Elation Lighting, 5 Star Cases, JTS Microphones and Titan Power.
Sat in Purfleet’s High House Production Park 11 miles east of London City Airport, the Backstage Centre has quickly garnered a reputation as one of the UK’s best-equipped production and rehearsal destinations.
Taking place within the facility’s sound stage, The Backstage Event will feature demonstrations of a wealth of FBT audio solutions. Rental companies and live engineers will hear why the dual 10” Muse line array, twinned with the Mitus 218SA, has already proven itself in more than 4,000 projects worldwide. Installers will have the chance to test the weather resistance of FBT’s IP55-rated Shadow loudspeakers, as well as the sharp Italian good looks of the Archon, Subline and Ventis series.
Alongside FBT, participating brands will include ADJ, Allen & Heath, DuraTruss, Elation Lighting, 5 Star Cases, JTS Microphones and Titan Power. Guests will be invited to network freely with refreshments to hand, while testing and evaluating products in a relaxed but professional environment, including listening sessions and hands-on testing. Starting at 10am and finishing at 4pm, both days will begin with seminars, followed by afternoon demonstrations and more.
“This is a great opportunity for rental companies, front of house and monitor engineers, and all members of the

k-eyeClaypaky's K-EYE HCR marks ‘new era for LED’
Monday, 19 February 2018

Europe - Claypaky's new K-EYE HCR range of lighting fixtures takes LED light quality to its highest peak of performance yet, giving lighting designers and directors access to CRI values never before achieved by an LED fixture, says the company.
With Claypaky's high colour rendering (HCR) algorithm, colours and textures of costumes and props retain richness and scenic finishes show off a depth and lustre never seen before under LED light. Skin tones appear more natural and in a world where entertainment is increasingly seen up-close and personal through the eye of a lens, the K-EYE HCR technology ensures performances are lit with integrity.
The HCR algorithm, newly developed by Osram and Claypaky, ensures the K-EYE HCR family of wash lights deliver an unprecedented degree of control over the quality of white or coloured light. The white light that the fixture produces has been heralded by some lighting designers as the 'closest to tungsten outside of the conventional lighting fixtures'.
Claypaky CEO Pio Nahum comments, "We know that our most demanding customers, particularly in the sectors of television, film and theatre, have long felt the need for a lighting tool that differed from others in the marketplace for the 'quality' of the light it produced. Achieving this desired 'quality' is no simple matter. Light quality is the sum of multiple factors, including diffusion uniformity, colour temperature, colour control features and, most of all, a high colour rendering index. To meet these requirements, Claypaky and Osram have developed HCR technology.

lcv59Lightconverse v59 adds HD video capture
Monday, 19 February 2018

UK - The latest release of the Lightconverse 3D show platform promises to the market “a level of previously unseen 3D resolution quality and multiple new features of the award-wining software, used for high-tech show visualisation and simulation of lighting, video and special effects”.
Along with increased GUI and 3D resolution, users can now capture a high-resolution video of their work along with high-res screenshots. There is no need for any extra video-capturing software or hardware thus making it even easier to show clients’ highly detailed show creations. This feature allows for high-quality and full-colour mp4 offline rendering of online recorded DMX, video and media in, resulting in a cinematographic quality video.
Another anticipated addition is a built-in Light Meter, used to make calculations of centre weighted lux levels on the surface and generation of LUX-Maps with high-quality print-outs.
Other new capabilities of v59 include four camera view pre-sets for main screen; extended colour dynamics plus luminance corrected gamma and other HDR operations; precise Equidistant mode for wide camera views; roll and Iris parameters for camera; and HTC Vive along with Oculus Rift support.
(Jim Evans)

robe-david-bisbal-6Robe on David Bisbal Hijos del Mar tour
Monday, 19 February 2018

Spain - Barcelona-based lighting designer Ezequiel Gomez has worked on Spanish singer David Bisbal’s latest Hijos del Mar tour which has already visited Spain and Latin America. The LD chose Robe for the majority of the moving lights, with Spiiders, Pointes and LEDWash 300s key fixtures on the rig.
Ezequiel, who has been working for the artist since 2009, insisted the stage and scenic design for this tour had been a collaborative effort between the artist himself, Brian Sellei from Menos que Cero, Universal Music, Barcelona-based LED specialists LEDSCONTROL and performing arts collective SomosLuz (We Are Light), of which Ezequiel is a member.
LEDSCONTROL presented the initial ideas from which the stage look evolved, coming up with an idea to have partially enclosed LED ‘cabinets’ for the band risers. Ezequiel and his team at SomosLuz adapted this and made it a tourable concept. The video was created with direct input from David Bisbal by the SomosLuz video department, headed by Lucas Averbuj.
The 24 x Pointes, 24 x Spiiders and 36 x LEDWash 300s were positioned on five trusses which wrapped around the back and sides of the stage and were also used for rigging a series of 4m wide by 1m high LED video screens.
LX 1 was the most downstage of these trusses and LX 5 the most upstage, the latter rigged with the 12 of the Spiiders. LX 4 featured 12 x Pointes and LX 2 and three were both loaded with six Pointes and six Spiiders alternating. The LEDWash 300s were all on the side trusses.
The LEDWash 300s were used to illuminate the b

conga-1Conga Room-LA Live in the picture with Chauvet
Friday, 16 February 2018

USA - The Conga Room-LA Live isn’t photographed and videoed quite as often as the celebrities who frequent the nightlife, concert, and private event venue, but it comes very, very close.
Located directly across the street from the Staples Centre, the sleekly designed 1000-capacity multi-room site regularly hosts press conferences, after parties and other functions associated with major award shows like the Grammys, Emmys, X-Games, VMAs, and ESPYs, as well as film and album releases, all of which are press magnets. Lately, the photos and videos taken at the celebrity co-owned A-list venue are looking better than ever, thanks to the installation of 34 Chauvet Professional fixtures, supplied by RAT Sound and designed by Aaron Silvie.
“There has been a stunning improvement in our image quality on film and still photography as a result of these lights,” said Woody Nuss, production manager of the Conga Room-LA Live. “The room now has a beautiful even light field, and the improved image resolution that results from this is obvious even to casual observers. Our social media and marketing look fantastic, and our film/TV associates are ecstatic.”
The Conga Room-LA Live’s lighting system is anchored by four Maverick MK1 Spot fixtures, along with eight Rogue R2 Spot, eight Rogue R1 Spot and12 Rogue R1 Wash units. Together, these movers are used to add visual excitement to the stage and dancefloor, while also providing a smooth, richly coloured light to bring out the best in photos and video images.
Accenting the architectural elements are tw

avolitesGatecrasher lands in Sheffield with Avolites
Friday, 16 February 2018

UK - The Gatecrasher Classical club night landed at Sheffield City Hall in January, with dramatic lighting controlled by Avolites consoles.
Birmingham-based Stage Production provided the technical know-how for the laser and lighting spectacular, achieving that 'Gatecrasher feeling' by hitting the crowd with myriad effects. The team supplied all lighting, rigging, staging and technical production for the event and designed the light show.
Stage Production managing director Jordan Lake was production director/designer for the gig, working alongside Ben Butler as lighting director/designer. The duo used an Avolites Sapphire Touch and Tiger Touch II console with Fader Wing to control the ambitious production.
"Gatecrasher fans expect massive lighting shows and it was up to us to deliver," says Lake. "Gatecrasher has always understood that it takes more than a big-name DJ to make a party successful - it's a combination of the perfect sound, the best lighting, the biggest lasers, the most outrageous effects and performers."
One of the main things the team had to take into consideration was the on-stage orchestra, which performs as part of the classical/dance event.
"None of the lighting could distract or obstruct their ability to see or play, so we designed a powerful, even wash with only colour changes, and positioned all blinders, strobes and eye-candy units carefully," Lake continues. "The bulk of the lighting was mid-air FX and beam-work, which spent the majority of the time in the air or on the crowd, rather than on the stage."

ac-et-to-distribute-avolites-lighting-solutions-in-irelandAC-ET to distribute Avolites in Ireland
Friday, 16 February 2018

Ireland - Avolites has appointed A.C. Entertainment Technologies (AC-ET) as its exclusive distributor in Ireland for its range of lighting control and dimming products.
AC-ET will be running a series of Avolites product demonstrations, road shows and hands-on training sessions in Ireland. They will also hold stock of core Avolites products ready for immediate despatch from their UK warehouses.
Aaron Cripps, AC-ET’s regional sales representative for Ireland, says: “Taking on the exclusive distribution of Avolites' lighting control & dimming solutions in this territory gives us the opportunity to focus further on providing first-class sales, service and support to what is a fantastic range of products.
“We’ve recently supplied Avolites consoles to venues such as INEC Killarney and the Cork Opera house, where their versatility and ease of operation means they’ve been readily used by both in-house and visiting lighting designers and engineers. Their dimming, distro and networking products are also first class.
“Avolites’ products perfectly complement the other leading brands in AC-ET's portfolio, and enable it to provide customers with everything 'entertainment lighting' from the desks, networking, power and data distribution, through to the lighting fixtures themselves.”
Koy Neminathan of Avolites adds: “Ireland is an important market for us and having Aaron available to provide sales support will be a real benefit to existing Avolites customers and users as well as developing and supporting new users. We look forward

painting-with-light-ise2018034Painting with Light makes Senses for Panasonic
Thursday, 15 February 2018

The Netherlands - International creative design practice Painting with Light was commissioned by Panasonic to produce a high-impact multimedia live show for their booth at this year’s ISE expo at Amsterdam RAI.
In 2017, Painting with Light’s creative director Luc Peumans developed a show that featured simultaneous tracking and projecting onto multiple objects, resulting in a dynamic live performance piece that combined a number of cutting-edge technologies, illustrating their capabilities, together with the flexibility of Panasonic’s latest projectors.
This year, Luc received a brief from Panasonic’s European product marketing manager for projectors and visual solutions, Thomas Vertommen, who wanted to take it one step further and create a more graphical show that was even more technically ambitious.
Panasonic is continuously following live entertainment trends to establish how best to showcase relevant technologies at ISE, and this year Thomas suggested a more futuristic performance altogether which included the use of holograms, tracking and mapping, all working in conjunction with Panasonic-selected partners like disguise, BlackTrax and Novaline.
From this starting point, Luc conceived and developed a special 6-minute movement piece called Senses in collaboration with show director Frank de Wulf and choreographer Roy Julien.
A team from Painting with Light was assembled to produce bespoke video content and design a meticulously detailed projection show / system based around two dancers, four projection boxes, 12 projec

victorwootenTim Farquhar harmonises Rogues with Victor Wooten
Thursday, 15 February 2018

USA - Bass-guitarist Victor Wooten’s Victor Wooten Trio performed recently at the Caribou Room, a new live music venue just outside Boulder, CO. Pushing his bass to its creative limits, as he moved from finger tapped melodies to thunderous slapping sections, Wooten took his audience on a musical journey that wove its way through blues, jazz, fusion, rock and other genres. Keeping pace with him note for note was a Tim Farquhar lighting design that featured Chauvet Professional Rogue and Chauvet DJ Intimidator fixtures.
“Victor Wooten is a great artist, so obviously my goal was to keep the centre of attention on him while still conveying emotions on stage with the lighting,” said Farquhar, who in addition to being a touring LD, is the house LD at the Caribou Room. “The Rogues and Intimidators were ideal in this regard, giving me the looks I wanted, without distractions.”
Farquhar used eight Rogue R2 Spot fixtures and an equal number of Intimidator Wash Zoom 350 units in his rig for the Wooten show. Half of his moving fixtures were hung on upstage truss and half were flown downstage.
“I relied on the upstage movers for specials that highlighted Victor and the other band members,” he said. “The Rogues were also used to create some nice mood-setting silhouettes on the wall behind the band. My downstage Rogues were used for washing the band and crowd, while the downstage Intimidators were for specials and audience lighting when the show called for it.”
(Jim Evans)

anolis-sun-city-gardens-img2824Anolis puts Sun into the City Gardens
Thursday, 15 February 2018

South Africa - A new Anolis LED lighting installation is helping to highlight the lush and beautiful foliage in Cascades Gardens, part of the five-star luxury Cascades Hotel property in Sun City, South Africa.
Cascades is right at the heart of the Sun City casino and entertainment complex, and Johannesburg-based creative agency Cinevation was commissioned by Sun International to reimagine some of the resort’s public areas, including the gardens, with a brief to make them more accessible and enjoyable to the public.
Cinevision proposed a phased creative lighting scheme starting with the 150m long pathway from the hotel to their ground floor restaurant Bocado. Up until this time, during the evening house, it had been bathed in almost total darkness. In turn, Cinevation asked lighting experts DWR to assist with the specification of fixtures and undertake the installation.
The project was managed and designed for DWR by Johnny Scholtz who proposed using, among other sources, Anolis ArcPad 48s and ArcSource Outdoor 4MCs with ArcSource 24MC Submersibles to illuminate the water feature and 75 ArcPix to outline one of the bridges.
“We wanted to introduce vibrancy, complimentary colour and depth to the environment,” explains Johnny. “Bringing it alive so people could appreciate it for the living, breathing and magical space that it is.”
The high output ArcPad 48s are used to create a series of washes along the pathway, accentuating the shape of the landscaping, the density and diversity of the foliage and the multi-dimensionality of th

airstarAirstar enlightens Wembley Park’s Slideatron
Wednesday, 14 February 2018

UK - Slideatron - the 20-metre LED Christmas tree slide - entertained thousands of visitors from November 2017 until January 2018 in Wembley Park, London. Designed and produced by event and place-making agency Produce UK, the attraction allowed visitors to reach another level of festivities by accelerating through the tube in 18 seconds.
Guiding the public to the huge structure was a set of eight Airstar Crystal lighting balloons. The 160cm wide LED spheres were deployed around the structure in order to light up the area and enhance the spirit of Christmas.
Lana Guascone, project director for Slideatron and producer at Produce UK explained: “Our ambition was to create something impactful, creative and futuristic – but also fun. Every element of the project, including the lighting, needed to fit the evolving nature of Wembley Park as a place of innovation and excitement. We were lucky to have a client that was brave and willing to embrace the opportunity to do something different.”
The Airstar Crystal balloons were suspended on the 300m long Wembley Boulevard, a main walkway just outside London Designer Outlet and the Wembley Stadium. Rigged on two points – dubbed the North and South Pole - using catenaries wire, the lighting balloons were hanging 4.5m above the ground, providing a non-glaring and diffused light for the public. The two-point rigging system was designed to minimise balloon movements in windy conditions, providing a secured anchorage at a time of the year when weather conditions heavily fluctuate.
In order to provide the

rolandnamm2Chauvet creates concert looks for Roland at NAMM
Wednesday, 14 February 2018

USA - Visitors who entered the Roland exhibit at NAMM during a performance by one of the company’s many star endorsers experienced a sense of attending a concert. When they returned a short time later, they felt an equally immersive, but quite different, sensation of walking through a high-tech showroom. Contributing to the creation of this flexible exhibit space was a versatile lighting design by Justin Preston that featured a collection of over 90 Chauvet Professional fixtures, including 32 Maverick MK2 Wash units.
Having this number of high-output moving fixtures in the lighting design for a trade show exhibit represented outside-the-box thinking, but for Preston it made perfect sense, given his objective of creating a multi-dimensional environment. “Our concept in lighting the Roland space was to merge a club and a trade show look,” he said. “While we wanted to be able to create a full club vibe in the Roland Room during shows, we also needed to create an atmosphere that promoted customer-product interaction between the musical performances.
“The Mavericks were instrumental in helping us do this,” continued Preston, who rented his lights from Kinetic Lighting. “We used the Mavericks to provide a saturated wash of the exhibit between shows, and also to serve up some eye candy effects and beam effects when we had performances. Their large zoom range allowed them to be used as beams during performances and as a general wash between shows; plus, their virtual gobos gave us an extra diversity of looks. I even ended up using them for key, fil

kabatClaypaky creates immersive impact for Kabat
Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Czech Republic - 2018 signalled the end of the record-breaking 19-date ice arena tour across Slovakia and Czech Republic by Kabat. The multi-platinum selling Czech rock band stunned audiences with an in-the-round show design, complete with 360° stage, wrap-around video screens and a high-impact light show powered by the cutting-edge technology of Italian lighting manufacturer Claypaky.
Lighting and show designer Radek Havliček of production company Pink Panther Agency s.r.o, was responsible for the tour's lighting and production design. Marking nearly two decades of creative partnership between Pink Panther and Kabat, Havliček's latest design stunned audiences with its immersive flair and sophisticated use of space.
"The tour's stage spreads across most of a regulation-size ice hockey rink," explains Havliček. "It was the biggest stage that had ever been used on tour by a Czech band and included four pits or 'pools' for the most dedicated fans. For those within the 'pools' the band was literally surrounding them. In fact, most of the audience felt included - or immersed - in the show. It was not happening 'out there' or 'down there', it was happening all around."
Using WYSIWYG, Havliček designed and coordinated the production's large-scale light show. The design centralised around a central 360° drop of four concentric circular trusses on Cyberhoist motors. LED screens faced each truss to partially mask the mix of Claypaky Sharpy, Claypaky A.LEDA K10 and Claypaky Alpha Spot 1200 that provided the lighting from the show's centralised column.


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