A Summer Story features Claypaky
Wednesday, 7 August 2019
claypakysummerstory5-copyA Summer Story has become one of the epicentres of electronic music in Spain
Spain La Ciudad del Rock Arganda del Rey hosted electronic music festival A Summer Story on 21-22 June as 100,000 attendees enjoyed the latest music trends highlighted by Claypaky fixtures.
The festival has become one of the epicentres of electronic music in Spain Its fifth edition, produced by Disorder Events, featured performances by more than 70 artists, as well as large screens and spectacular lighting that combined tungsten and LED technologies.
A Summer Story featured four stages with lighting designs that mixed moving heads, LED bars and blinders, among others, all controlled from a grandMA2 full-size console supplied by Stonex.
Disorder Events and Enrique Jiménez of Fluge Audiovisuales worked together to light four stages. Fluge Audiovisuales was once again in charge of providing the AV equipment, including Claypaky Sharpy PLUS fixtures.
The main stage had a pyramidal structure 35m high. Its integral design was by Eduardo Valverde of Pixelmap Studio with programming and operation by Juan Manuel Lázaro Ordiales.
The Live and Techno Stage, designed by Jiménez, showcased several types of Claypaky fixtures. “The difficulty of the design was that this scenario hosted two very different types of performances on Friday and Saturday. The lighting design had to respond to these two different configurations, so we needed very versatile equipment,” he says.
Jiménez used eight A.LEDA B-EYE K10 devices to meet the challenge. "A.LEDA K10 could act as a street light in wash mode during the daytime and work with the LED surface and more aggressive effects for Techno sessions," he explains.
"We also had 14 units of the new Sharpy PLUS in Beam mode, a fairly lightweight device with a well-defined beam of light, CMY colour mix and great luminosity." This new Claypaky moving head has already gained popularity at numerous festivals and big events in Spain.
Finally, Jiménez added 12 Mythos 2 fixtures he described as "a product with a very wide zoom that gave us a lot of play because of its wide variety of gobos and the good definition of its beam.”
(Jim Evans)

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