AVS' Kris Dawber, ADJ Europe's Sebastian Mobers and AVS' Andy Howarth
UK - In response to significantly different market conditions in the UK following Brexit, ADJ has announced the moving of distribution of the brand’s products to a new UK-based company. Audio Visual Security Limited – AVS – will be led by two familiar faces to ADJ customers in the region and provide vastly improved delivery times – next day in most cases – as well as local service, support, and repairs.
Kris Dawber and Andy Howarth are the directors of AVS. Kris has been a part of the ADJ family for 15 years, was instrumental in first bringing the brand to the UK and has previously served as UK & Ireland sales manager as well as European sales manager for ADJ Europe. He has an extensive knowledge of the UK and Irish markets as well as a vast network of industry contacts. Andy has worked with Kris within ADJ’s UK-based business for over 10 years and has an in-depth technical understanding of the company’s extensive product range.
“Recently, due to situations beyond our control, we haven’t been able to offer our usual high level of ADJ service to customers here in the UK,” explains Kris Dawber. “Through AVS we’ll be able to change that immediately. By holding stock here in the UK, we can dispatch orders to customers for the next working day. Andy and I have worked together for a long time and are excited to move into this new chapter together, serving our existing customer base and growing ADJ’s market share across all facets of the industry, including production, rental, integration, and retail.”
“Kris and I both believe strongly in the ADJ brand and now, through AVS, we’ll be able to give our customers here in the UK and Ireland the support they deserve,” adds Andy Howarth. “Not only will having a UK warehouse significantly speed up order processing, we will also ensure local technical support is on hand in the unlikely event anything goes wrong. ADJ has a strong history of business in the UK and Ireland, and we look forward to growing this even further through this new exclusive distribution agreement.”
In AVS’s new UK-based warehouse, the company will hold extensive stock of ADJ lighting and Avante Audio products as well as DuraTruss trussing and staging. Customers can expect next day delivery of any product in stock with easy ordering through AVS’s dedicated online platform. Support and repairs for ADJ customers in the UK and Ireland will also be facilitated through a dedicated AVS Service Centre.
“I have known and worked with Kris for the past 15 years, so there is a lot of trust between us,” comments Sebastian Mobers, director of sales for ADJ Europe. “And we are in agreement that this is the best way forward for the ADJ brand in the UK. Kris and Andy – who is also a valued and trusted member of the ADJ team – work very well together and are ideally placed to not only provide excellent service and support to existing customers in the UK and Ireland but also to grow our business in the region.
“I am convinced this is a positive move for everyone involved, Andy and Kris, the ADJ brand, and our customers. I look forward to continuing our working relationship as AVS becomes ADJ’s exclusive distributor in the UK and Ireland.” AVS’s distribution of ADJ products begins this month.

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