ADJ extends PAR Z range
Thursday, 1 August 2019
adjThe Par Z Move RGBW will become available mid August 2019 from ADJ Europe
USA - ADJ has announced the availability of the PAR Z Move RGBW, part of its PAR Z range.
This 300W C.O.B. LED colour mixing moving head par fixture that is suitable for fixed installation in theatres, churches, concert venues and nightclubs as well as for the temporary production of concerts, theatrical performances, festivals and dance events. The PAR Z Move RGBW houses a 300W C.O.B. LED engine, which generates an even wash and extremely smooth colour mixing with no colour shadows. It also offers variable colour temperature for white light washes, making it ideal for stage lighting as both a key light and a wash.
The fixture is available now in the USA and will become available in Europe from mid-August.
“The whole PAR Z Series, but particularly the PAR Z Move that we released earlier this year, has proved extremely popular with lighting designers looking for versatile LED-powered key lighting / wash fixtures,” comments ADJ USA’s national sales manager, Alfred Gonzales. “However, our customers were quick to tell us that they would value the combination of the PAR Z Move’s moving base and the colour mixing ability of the static PAR Z120 RGBW model.
“As a company it is our policy to always try to act on customer feedback to produce the products that lighting designers and other lighting professionals desire, which is why we are now pleased to introduce the PAR Z Move RGBW to the market. Offering punchy output, versatile colour mixing and agile movement, it is ideal for a wide variety of applications including key light, back light and mid-air beam effects.”
(Jim Evans)

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