ADJ’s new motorized linear LED fixture
Wednesday, 2 October 2019
adjallegro-z6-press-960x640Allegro Z6 features six individually controllable 30W LEDs
USA - ADJ has announced the immediate availability of its Allegro Z6 motorized linear fixture with zoom. It features six individually controllable 30W quad colour 4-in-1 LEDs; each LED offers a lifespan of approximately 30,000 hours, effectively preventing the need for lamp replacement even if the fixture is used extensively for many years, says the company.
The unit also features a motorized zoom function, allowing the angle of the six independent light beams to vary between 4°-32°. In addition, the bar on which the LED apertures are mounted is fitted with motorized tilt movement, while the precision motors allow for 16-bit smooth sweeping motion.
Rounding out the Allegro Z6’s feature set, the unit also offers variable speed strobe and pulse effects, flicker free LEDs suitable for filming (1200Hz PWM frequency) and 16-bit dimming. In addition, the unit features six preset dimming curves as well as variable speed dimming control, allowing it to be easily programmed and used for a wide variety of applications.
An OLED display on the front of the unit displays the current DMX address and channel mode at a glance. This menu system is battery-powered, which means that during event prep a unit can be set up and addressed without the need to connect a power supply. The fixture also features a USB port, allowing for easy future firmware updates.
Measuring 19.6” x 4.5” x 11” / 500mm x 113mm x 278mm and weighing just 21lb (9.5kg), the unit is both compact and easy to rig. It has a manual Tilt Lock feature for stable transportation as well a folding handle on its base to make it easier to carry.

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