Axilum and Chauvet light Paris fashion show
Thursday, 8 August 2019
printemps3Spring fashion at Printemps
France - The Printemps department store at the intersection of Boulevard Haussmann and Rue du Havre became the first store in Paris to use 100 percent electric lighting in 1883. For this year’s Fashion Show Spring Vélizy 2 at the store, battery powered and Wi-Fi controlled LED WELL Fit fixtures from Chauvet Professional supplied by Axilum provided the lighting.
Axilum used 36 WELL Fit units in its lighting for the fashion show event. Many of the fixtures were used to illuminate displays, while others, positioned by the runway itself, played a more unusual role.
The WELL Fit units at the runway were placed on their sides so they could create a lattice work of crisscrossing light on the carpet as models paraded to showcase the latest fashions.
“We had free card from our client to recreate a friendly space,” says Lionel Tachet of Axilum. “So, we relied on our imaginations to use the WELL Fits in a unique way to create a path. The WELL Fits are powerful autonomous projectors with a high autonomy and Wi-Fi management, which made them very well-suited for this project.”
(Jim Evans)

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