Bandit backs Weird Al Yankovic tour
Thursday, 1 August 2019
weird-al-1Weird Al Yankovic’s Strings Attached Tour continues through August
USA - The Strings Attached tour, Weird Al Yankovic’s “most elaborate and extravagant” production to date, is out with a lighting and video package provided by Bandit Lites. Each performance features the works: costumes, props and a full orchestra accompanying the Grammy-award winning artist as he brings to life his hits including Amish Paradise White & Nerdy and Smells Like Nirvana.
Bandit Lites supplied lighting designer James Hergen a package that would illuminate the stage as well as each local symphony, crafting a design that would allow the production to have trusses up and out of the way as quickly as possible, affording the musicians enough time to load in and begin soundchecks.
VL 3500 Washes and Robe BMFL saturate the stage with textures and hues while Claypaky Sharpys supply additional coverage as well as well-time musical hits and strikes. Bandit also provided 200 Chauvet PVP 6mil video wall panels to showcase Weird Al’s history of songs.
“Jesse Baron, the video technician on tour, has been able to get the wall up and operating with the quick connect mounting and cabling the PVP System is known for,” explains Bandit Lites client representative, Shawn Lear.
Prior to tech rehearsals, Hergen was also able to spend time at Bandit’s Venue One rehearsal facility, getting a head start on programming.
“I am impressed with James approach and thought process for each and every fixture,” Lear says. “Knowing he was having to cover a much larger space and needed to get the trussing off the deck quickly, James decided that two side trusses were best to easily manage cable, get to trim and enable the lighting coverage needed.”
(Jim Evans)

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