ChamSys upgrades MagicQ Stable software
Friday, 9 December 2022
chamsys-magicq-softwareThe software is available on the ChamSys website
UK - Adaptability is a virtue in any endeavour, especially one as ever-changing and creative as programming and running a lightshow. ChamSys has just made it easier for lighting professionals to enjoy the benefits of this virtue by introducing MagicQ Stable v1.9.3.5 software.
Available on the ChamSys website, the software, which accepts open protocol GDTF personality files, can be downloaded at no cost to all MagicQ consoles and PC platforms.
MagicQ Stable v1.9.3.5 software features an enhancement that allows one shot and random directions on any FX; automatic calibration of position and rotation of heads within the MagicQ 3D spaces based on focus points; and new timeline markers and beat grids for the audio timeline.
With its broad range of features, the new software gives lighting programmers and directors greater flexibility to manage the changing, and sometimes unexpected, demands of tours. For example, an enhancement to group-based cues with default palettes, which store values that are not specific to head files, and is useful for group cues where heads may be removed from a show and new heads added, resulting in a new and more efficient way to expand and adapt shows from venue to venue.
There are also enhancements to FX that allow one shot and random directions to be applied to any effect.

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