Chauvet on the menu in Santiago city centre
Thursday, 8 December 2022
santiago-open-gourmet5The centre features an immersive and transformative lighting design by the Piedra Luces studio
Chile - The recently opened Falabella Chile Inmobiliario at the Open Plaza Kennedy shopping centre in Santiago, has a simple, but very ambitious, goal: to offer customers a culinary experience in surroundings that make them feel special. The 6,000sq.ft space, which is located on the fourth floor of this centre, is well on its way to doing just that, serving as home to 12 restaurants offering a variety of dishes from Chile and around the world.
The centre features an immersive and transformative lighting design by the Piedra Luces studio, headed by lighting designer Fernando Piedrabuena. Featuring 150 Chauvet Professional fixtures supplied by Piedra Iluminación, which acquired the fixtures through Chemtrol Chile, the lighting creates an enchanting mood throughout the entire area.
Acclaimed for lighting of the first Zaha Hadid tower in South America, the Piedra Luces studio has endowed the new open gourmet market with 57 linear meters of immersive light, with dynamic and ornamental content. Adding to the mood is music by Soda Stereo producer Tweety González.
Regarding the lighting design, Roberta Piedrabuena, project manager for Piedra Iluminación commented: “We were invited by the Enrique Concha y Asociados de Chile studio and the Grupo Arquitectos architecture studio to participate in this project. They were looking for a solution in lighting design that reflected to the gastronomic proposal, the architectural approach and the scale of the space.”
Fernando Piedrabuena added, "Having an experience of more than 30 years in the world of entertainment, we found it an excellent challenge, where we could intertwine the lighting of shows with architecture.”
Located in one of the main commercial intersections in the city, the centre’s lighting system is anchored by 72 Ovation E-910FC color mixing ellipsoidal units. Utilising this fixture’s RGBA+Lime color mix, the design team can create a flat and homogeneous and colourful lighting field throughout the space.
Also featured in the system are 72 Ovation H-605FC full-colour fixtures, which are used as house lights. All the luminaires were mounted on two self-supporting bridges with an aluminium structure painted white, automated for easy maintenance. Each bridge is 57m long and they occupy the inner and semi-inner area of the space.
“Within the characteristics that these products have, we believe that the quality of the luminaires was a key element for their choice since it is a fixed installation. The most outstanding feature of these teams was the quality of the lenses,” commented Piedra.

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