More than 70,000 attended the November 2022 gathering
Portugal - Lighting designers Omer Israeli & Dor Aichner of Tel Aviv-based lighting and stage design company, LEAD, chose a large complement of Claypaky fixtures to illuminate the dynamicHack the Galaxy event held by Rapyd at the 2022 Web Summit in Lisbon. They utilised 96 Tambora Batten Square, 16 Mythos 2 and 48 Xtylos fixtures for the third and last event in Rapyd’s Hack the Galaxy campaign held at developer conferences in Europe in 2022. Previous events took place in Berlin, Germany and Zadar, Croatia.
Lisbon’s Web Summit is an annual tech conference focusing on Internet technology, emerging technologies and venture capitalism. More than 70,000 attended the November 2022 gathering.
Rapyd is an Israel-based fintech company, which provides worldwide payment solutions. Hack the Galaxy was staged by The Moment, Rapyd’s experience brand, as part of a recruiting drive to attract developers and programmers to the company and to increase awareness of Rapyd among retailers and other prospective clients. "Hack the Galaxy” comprised a series of challenges, puzzles, hackathons and events and offered the chance to win tickets for a private Space Perspective capsule launch in 2026. More than 15,000 people registered for the event, but only 8,000 won admission tickets.
“Since the main prize of flying into space was at the center of this campaign, we knew we wanted the event to feel like a scene from a sci-fi movie with pods flying up and down in the air and an hourglass-shaped central DJ booth holding a three-meter high pyramid we called The Diamond,” says Israeli. “We went into the design phase with a futuristic space station in mind, and the venue in Lisbon was absolutely the best we could ask for – the Campo Pequeno, a bullfighting arena built in 1892 that is also used for shows, concerts and exhibitions. It is a beautiful circular structure, and we wanted to emphasize that circular feeling designing elements to support the space and architecture.”
Israeli mounted the three types of Claypaky fixtures in three different positions. Ninety-six Tambora Batten Squares were suspended on seven kinetic circular pods, the largest central pod measuring 10m in diameter and the others five meters in diameter. The 48 Xtylos hung on two diagonal trusses between the video screens at the back of the stage and were also distributed on the floor along the back of the DJ booth. Sixteen Mythos II were mounted on two truss sections above the video screens at the back of the stage.

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