Coemar De Sisti Install for Channel 7
Wednesday, 10 October 2001
Coemar De Sisti Install for Channel 7Coemar De Sisti's Peter Kemp (right) with Channel Seven's Robert Coia (left) in the master control room at the Channel 7 Melbourne Broadcast Centre
Two new studios to be developed in the Channel 7 Melbourne Broadcast Centre are to be fitted out in a turnkey operation by Coemar De Sisti Australia. The installation will include full mechanicals (hoists, etc), dimming, control, DMX distribution system, power, leads and accessories and all luminaries. The Product Studio, to be used for drama and variety productions, will feature a full set-up of De Sisti hoists, with 36 self-climbing 140kg SWL units, 3 Modular Cyclorama 180kg SWL units, 4m Pantographs with a 14kg SWL. All hoist controls are also provided as part of the installation. Lighting for the Product Studio comprise a wide range of De Sisti luminaires including Magis 300/500/650 PO fresnels, DesiLux Fluorescent PO video luminaires with DMX on/off control, Giotto PO twin-compartment Cyclorama units and Duccio four-compartment groundrow units. Several zoom profiles are also part of the package of luminaires in both studios.

The News Studio features a fixed pipe grid, and a new style of dropper called a Cranky Pole. This is a telescopic hanger that can be operated from the floor or the catwalk. The telescopic tubes have a square cross section to insure they do not twist like rod-type hangers. The Cranky Pole comes with a friction clutch winch allowing a safe working load of 55kg. Lighting for the News Studio utilizes a similar range of luminaires as the Product Studio, as well as the De Sisti Leonardo 1kW PO fresnels and Leonardo 2kW PO fresnels. Dimming within both studios is provided by Coemar De Sisti Australia's own homegrown TechART Series 5000 installation dimmers. A range of 5kW, 2.5kW dimmers and 5kW contactors will be provided, similar to those selected by the Australian Film, Television and Radio School in Sydney.

Control in both studios is courtesy of Compulite, using the powerful Micron 4D/ME (Moving Ethernet) console in both studios. Already used extensively by the ABC, Channel 9, and in the now migrated Channel 7 studios in Brisbane, the Microns were the consoles of choice for the operators at Channel 7. With full tracking back-up, DMX merging, and Remote control, the two consoles not only provide state-of-the-art control with the ability to handle all the dimming in the studios, they also allow unsurpassed moving light control from the makers of the original Animator. A full CAT5e and DMX distribution system is part of the installation.

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