DP World Pavilion’s content gives an insight into the world of global trade
UAE - Created for the largest event ever staged in the Arab world, Expo 2020 Dubai, and part of its legacy District2020 project, DP World Pavilion is a construction comprising five floors of content-led immersive brand experience, with a VIP floor for invited guests and government officials.
Creative Technology Systems Integrations (CT SI) Middle East team was awarded the contract for DP World Pavilion, with its team working alongside The OpenLab creative agency, responsible for designing the Pavilion, to supply systems integration of the audio, video, lighting, and control systems for this impressive complex.
Based around the concept of ‘Making Trade Flow’, DP World Pavilion’s content gives an insight into the world of global trade. Split over five floors, the lower four floors are dedicated to the public visitor experience, while the fifth floor is used for the DP World Senior management to host VIPs and government officials.
The visitor experience starts as they enter the building via a four-storey internal escalator, which takes them directly to the fourth floor. Here, the Connectivity Gallery tells the story of Dubai’s rapid transformation from merchant city to super hub at the heart of a new world economy. Here, CT installed a 44,5m2 Unilumin 2.5mm LED screen positioned beneath a glass table displaying acrylic models of shipping and transport, and a scale model of DP World’s Box Bay, a new and intelligent storage system. The glass landscape table is backed by a 50.4m2 Unilumin 2.5mm LED screen, with 15-inch Litemax displays for a content ribbon on the table showing a history of transport and flow of goods by DP World. The entire area is driven by disguise pro4x4 media servers.
“The challenge here was the design of the glass screen on the table,” says Danny Lord, project manager at CTME. “Elements such as heat had to be considered, both from the LED table and the LED wall, to make sure it wouldn’t affect the printed acrylic models. Thanks to careful planning and coordination with the fit-out contractor and model makers, we were able to meet all safety standards and ensure the display was kept intact.”
As visitors follow the exhibit round, a 10.8m2 curved Unilumin LED screen displays the plans for the Virgin Hyperloop high speed transport system. The area also includes Lightware video over IP transmitters and receivers, Litemax LCD display, Iiyama HD 10-point touchscreen, Apple iPads with stands and interface. For the audio, CT installed QSC ceiling speakers, including subs powered by QSC 8-channel amplifiers.
On the third floor Mobility Gallery, visitors experience how the country controls and guides the flow of trade around the world. Offering the visuals is a bespoke 14m wide Unilumin curved LED wall and a 6 x 2 array of LG narrow bezel LCD displays with a touch screen overlay. An interactive ‘touch screen’ table lets up to six people at a time play games. Audio is delivered via Acouspade ultrasonic speakers mounted above each of the six participants, offering highly directional individual audio at each position along the table.
In the Opportunity Gallery on the second floor, Neumann loudspeakers provide iaudio content.
The Flowlab Gallery on the first floor is an educational space for schools and universities that explores next generation sustainability. This large space is laid out as a game-show, with two Epson 15K projectors displaying high-resolution content onto the front wall, which is then triggered via disguise media servers and QSC Q-Sys. A substantial show control integration programme connects the custom game content, video playback and external input triggers.
At the end of the visitor experience is the central Atrium, a visual and audio stunner and a focal point of the Pavilion. Four stories high with a spectacular waterfall structure, it features an 18m x 10m Unilumin 2.9mm LED screen, L-Acoustics Syva audio system, and a range of Varilite moving lighting fixtures.
“One of the biggest challenges we encountered in an open space like the Atrium was the precision installation of LED screen and ensuring the content ran smoothly across this giant 8K display,” explains Lord. “We spent a lot of time testing off-site at our offices in parallel with the installation at the Pavilion. This allowed the content creators and our technology specialist to test both the integration and content performance.”
Finally, the VIP area on the fifth floor features Chairman Majlis’ meeting room and a lounge area. A striking visual design is complemented with two large Unilumin 1.5mm LED screens, with QSC ceiling speakers and subs for audio. The entire AV eco-system is controlled via the show control system.

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