David March joins Collaborative Creations
Tuesday, 19 January 2021
david-marchDavid March – associate director
UK - Creative business development agency Collaborative Creations has appointed David March as associate director. March brings over three decades of experience across manufacturers, rental production houses and big-name brands in the world of technical entertainment to the Collaborative Creations team. These include: AED, VER, Phillips Entertainment, PRG and most recently, Green Hippo.
Collaborative Creations offers a range of plug-in services to events companies, which include business development and sales support, social media planning, website content, case studies, coaching and more. As the pandemic forced many businesses to look at cutting costs, Collaborative Creations provided a cost-effective alternative to full-time marketing and business development professionals.
Collaborative Creations director Tom Wilkes comments: “We’ve known and respected David for a long time and we’re absolutely thrilled that he’s joining the Collaborative Creations team.
”Last year had a devastating impact on our industry, but we’re looking ahead to 2021 with a lot of positivity as we help our clients to grow their customer bases, establish strong new distribution networks and streamline their internal processes. Strong business development support for our clients is more vital than ever as the industry begins the process of rebuilding, and David will be a hugely valuable part of that.”
March adds: “I’ve been very impressed with the energy, enthusiasm and expertise of the Collaborative Creations team. The ethos of the business – bringing together a highly experienced team to work collaboratively on behalf of a client – is one that I think will pay dividends as it continues to grow, particularly during these changing times for our industry.”

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