DMD streamlines trading house sound
Thursday, 29 June 2023
powersoftDynamic Music Distribution streamlines multi-zone and multi-source management
The Netherlands - Powersoft’s Dynamic Music Distribution (DMD) and fixed install amplifiers are powering the multi-storey building’s sound system at renowned international trading house, Van Caem Klerks Group’s head office. Located in the centre of Amsterdam, the company has built its reputation for import and export of A-branded products, namely liquor, beer, fine wines, fragrances, luxury and fast-moving consumer goods.
The trading house approached local integrator Van Brienen AV with a brief to install a sound system able to play background music and share its duties with announcements, radio and music stream on each floor and with the needs to control the volume.
“This project was unique for us,” states Harry Scheringa, senior sales at Van Brienen AV. “We had 60 Sonance speakers with excellent sound reproductions, and the perspective to combine this large number of speakers with an easy to operate central management and local resources was an exciting challenge for us.”
With such a complex brief, Van Brienen AV turned to Powersoft’s Dynamic Music Distribution, which streamlines multi-zone and multi-source management. A system built around the ability of sharing multiple sources between zones is not only easy to deploy and run, but it also simplifies the process of achieving high quality standards for small to medium-sized background and foreground music distribution applications.
“Installing DMD was simple. We gave the manager panel access to all the zones to have a full control over all the rooms,” explains Scheringa. “Thanks to scene selection, we were able to add a central announcement option that we connected via WM Touch to receive it on all the amplifiers.”
Van Brienen AV also installed six Powersoft WM Touch (Wall Mount) controllers to manage the entire Dynamic Music Distribution system from the touch of a single panel. “The combination of WM Touch and SYS Control app makes it easy for the end user to select a desired space, change volume or the audio source,” explains Scheringa.
The WM Touch can autonomously drive a system consisting of WM Touch panels and at the same time serve as the views host for system control via a mobile app. “We chose what zones a certain panel can control and gave the manager panel access to all the zones to have full control over the rooms,” he adds.
Alongside Powersoft’s WM Touch and Mezzo amplifiers, the install comprises 60 Sonance Professional Series PS-S63T Surface-Mount speakers, five WHD Airbridge-Pro WLAN/BT receivers, and a mounted AV-Wall-DT4i Dante Mic interface wall plate, working together to provide a blend of clear background music, radio streams and intelligible central announcements.
“Van Caem Klerks Group is very happy with the end result,” shares Scheringa. “They are delighted that each floor can control their own sound individually and the WM Touch is incredible easy and reliable to operate,” he concludes.

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