Double Prolights installation in Stopini
Wednesday, 9 September 2020
prolightsProlights in the Great Hall
Latvia - In the first quarter of 2020 a new Cultural Centre in Stopini, Latvia was built and Prolights products were used in the project.
Two lighting equipment systems were installed in the centre in the town located on the outskirts of Riga - Great Hall and Small Hall systems. The purpose of the lighting systems was to provide quality lighting for concerts, theatre plays, amateur concerts, folk dance concerts, conferences alongside events.
“Since the Great Hall serves as an acoustic hall, one of the requirements for stage lighting was to have projectors with housings that do not emit noise on cooling and heating, do not create flares, to have LED projectors without cooling fans or with especially quiet cooling fans” comments Ilgonis Punculs, director for Diogens audio, the company responsible for the project.
“Other requirements were to find a device with a great CRI - no less than 90./ 3200k, a wide range CCT control, so it is suitable for television broadcasts. It goes without saying, that it was important to fit into a rather limited budget. At the start of the project we did not have certain make or model in mind, just our own specifications. Our partner Sonus exsertus recommended Prolights products.
“It was essential to have an even and flat light surface to create suitable lighting for stage note score reading. Hence, we chose Prolight EclProfile HDTWC profile projectors with 25-50 degree lenses and EclFresenel TW, which creates even and flat stage surface lighting and tone. Prolights Ecl LED Fresnel TW projectors allow us to provide required corporate colours in case of conferences, while EclProfile HDTWC profile LED projectors with 25-50 degree lenses support front, side and portal lighting and no just white light.
“The fixtures have proved to be perfect for this particular installation. They definitely exceeded expectations and I'm sure we will make use of Prolights products for our future lighting projects.”

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