DTS returns to US with Apex Technologies
Wednesday, 7 July 2021
apex-x-dts-png‘This collaboration marks the start of a new chapter for DTS’
Italy/USA - Italian lighting manufacturer DTS llluminazione has announced a new exclusive collaboration with Apex Technologies in the US. Apex Technologies, which was recently set up by respected industry professionals including Bill Morris and Ola Melzig as a new entertainment technology solutions provider, will now distribute DTS’ range of products.
Simone Francia, DTS executive vice-president, says the collaboration will only contribute to brighten the company's future. “Coming back to the American market has been in our plans all along,” he explains. “Accomplishing this goal is only further proof that we're moving in the right direction: it was crucial to us, as it's a stepping-stone that will strengthen our future as a company.”
Bill Morris, president of Apex Technologies, comments: “DTS have proven through steady growth and recent product introductions that they are ready to fulfil that role. We are extremely honoured and proud to have DTS as a flagship product line at Apex Technologies.
Carmen Savarese, DTS international sales manager, adds: “We're excited to have a distributor in the United States again. We have worked very hard in the last few years to create top-notch lighting equipment. We're very proud of DTS's new range of products and are sure they will be able to satisfy the more demanding lighting requests in North America. This new partnership is one of the greatest personal and professional challenges. Apex people are amazing - this adventure together will nurture us as people and as a company, and I can't wait to start travelling with them throughout the USA.”
Raffaella Scaccia, director of commercial sales at DTS, concludes: “We're glad to partner up with people whose professionalism and work ethic is incredibly close to ours. We had the chance to collaborate with Ola Melzig during the Eurovision Song Contest in 2019, and to have the opportunity to team up with someone as passionate and well-known in the industry as him is Just incredible.”

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