The Astra Hybrid330IP is suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings
Spain - Prolights is promoting the expansion of its successful Astra Hybrid330 range with a new addition, the Astra Hybrid330IP. This unit stands as the market's first IP65 LED moving hybrid, engineered for mixed use indoor and outdoor.
The Astra Hybrid330IP is billed as the most versatile Prolights moving light to date. Constructed from durable magnesium alloy, the luminaire maintains an ultra-compact profile at just 25kg, still delivering a small form factor, bright output and extensive effect sections.
This luminaire is designed with a powerful 330-Watt LED module, providing a high output of luminous flux and a zoom ratio that spans from three degrees to fifty degrees. The large zoom range ensures that the Astra Hybrid330IP can adapt from long-throw beams to wide spot projections, making it a versatile choice for various staging requirements.
Astra Hybrid330IP deliver ‘limitless colour possibilities’, with a linear CMY colour mixing system and additional colour wheels for an infinite range of colour palettes. The image section of this fixture includes eight rotating gobos featuring a variety of aerials, textures and breakouts plus 11 static beam modifiers.
Completing the Astra Hybrid330IP's feature set there's an animation wheel, dual overlapping prisms, and a low diffusion frost filter, adding depth and dimension creativity.
The Jet Hybrid200 is specially crafted to excel in versatility, from mid-air effects to wide spot projections. With a luminous output of 8,000 lumens from a 200W LED source, it stands as an excellent alternative to compact discharge hybrid fixtures. Its rapid zoom capability, ranging from 3.5° to 40°, along with a lightweight design of just 15 kg, makes the Jet Hybrid200 adaptable to any environment.
The Jet Hybrid200's dynamic effects suite includes a colour wheel with 13 dichroic filters, two gobo wheels featuring 8 rotating and 17 static gobos, and a range of prism and frost options, providing boundless creative possibilities.
This fixture embodies Prolights' commitment to sustainability and durability. It serves as an eco-friendly solution with its LED source, ensuring reduced power consumption and a longer lifespan. It's quiet operation and smooth dimming further enhance its appeal for various applications.
Targeting a diverse market, the Jet Hybrid200 is designed for system integrators, rental companies, and entertainment venues. It offers a multifunctional lighting solution, replacing the need for separate beam and spotlight fixtures while capitalizing on the benefits of LED technology.

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