LDI: Robe Esprite LED makes US debut
Monday, 18 November 2019
robe-ldi-2019-tetra2Tetra2 builds on Robe’s Spiider and Tarrantula LED technology
USA - Las Vegas will be the first US exhibition for Robe’s new Esprite LED profile moving light. This will be shown alongside other new Robe technologies including Tetra 2.
This year’s live show presents the next chapter in Robe’s Return to The Future trilogy, inspired by classic movie moments and a bit of car geekery
In addition to Esprite and Tetra2, Robe showcases several other new and current product ranges.
Esprite is the first in a new series of Robe luminaires that will feature fully replaceable / transferable white source LED engines. This high-performance luminaire can potentially replace old and entire fleets of workhorse discharge fixtures. Offering a cost-effective and easily changeable LED engine, Robe has eliminated the white source problems of unpredictable life and performance inconsistency.
Design innovations include a new cooling system that removes any airflow over the optics, resulting in reduced residue deposits and vastly extending the periods between cleaning.
Tetra2 (from Tetragnatha) is a new linear bar fixture that builds on Robe’s Spiider and Tarrantula LED technology.
Utilising the same LEDs, with an ultra-tight 4.5° beam from each of the 18 pixels, these can be combined to produce a bright, highly defined "sheet" of light or Svoboda-style light curtain and fixtures can be positioned end-to-end for longer seamless curtains of light or washing effects.
Other current and popular Robe technologies featuring on the booth will include the SilverScan, the T1 Family (T1 Profile, T1 Profile FS, T1 Fresnel and the T1 PC), the RoboSpot remote follow spotting system, which has been specified for numerous tours, theatre productions and TV shows, and Robe’s industry-standard Spiider and Tarrantula LED wash beams.
(Jim Evans)

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