Prolights EclMiniProfiles light re-opened museum
Thursday, 8 December 2022
museumThe museum has opened to the public after two years of major renovation work
France - The former 2,500-year-old fortress of Ensérune reopened its doors to the public in early July 2022 after two years of major renovation work. This historical site transformed into a museum once again to present a rich archaeological collection to the public in a completely redesigned scenography and lighting.
Scenographer Marion Lyonnais (Fakestorybird) imagined an immersive journey as one would stage a show.
Lighting designer Jean-Noël Cordonnier from Lights and Design chose the Prolights EclMiniProfile LED spotlights with 19, 26, 36 and 50° lenses to light up the exhibits. “The lighting is an active part of the scenography: the combination of several colour temperatures, or the choice not to illuminate the whole object,” said Cordonnier. “The EclMiniProfile was the perfect fit for us thanks to its 28W Cree LED, the choice of two-colour temperatures and the wide variety of lenses and accessories.”

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