Dublin's National Concert Hall
Ireland - Dublin's National Concert Hall is a renowned and prestigious venue that showcases a diverse range of musical performances, from the National Symphony Orchestra and Choir to up-and-coming artists.
In an effort to enhance the experience for both performers and audiences, the Concert Hall partnered with Cine-Electric to revamp its lighting system. Prolights was chosen to provide a stunning visual display for all who attended.
Illuminating the National Concert Hall posed several challenges and finding the right fixture was a priority.
A.C. Entertainment Technologies Ireland provided demo fixtures of the Prolights EclProfile FW TU that were tested on-site for an extended period. This ensured they met the Concert Hall's requirements.
The fixtures were chosen for their high lumen output, quality of whites (3200K) and a high CRI >98 that provides more natural light for musicians to read sheet music. In addition, the silent operation makes the fixtures perfect for use during rehearsals and performances.
After approval from the Concert Hall, AC-ET Ireland supplied 30 Prolights EclProfile FW TU fixtures to Cine-Electric. The fixtures came with a 15°-30° PRL zoom lens and custom-length DMX cables.
The National Concert Hall is dedicated to enhancing the overall experience for both performers and audiences alike. Collaborating with Cine-Electric and AC-ET Ireland, the Concert Hall has taken a significant step towards achieving this goal. The recent upgrade of the lighting package is just one aspect of a larger initiative to maintain the venue's status as a top-tier destination for music and performing arts enthusiasts and a source of national pride for Irish people.

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