PSS meets COVID challenge with Point Source
Tuesday, 1 March 2022
point-sourceProfessional Sound Service (PSS) has reshaped its business beyond traditional live sound reinforcement
Germany - Production company Professional Sound Service (PSS) reshaped its business beyond traditional live sound reinforcement to offer hybrid and studio events out of necessity. PSS's investment in Point Source Audio microphones - supplied by German distributor Mega Audio - helped propel its expansion technically and financially to prevail over the challenging business environment created by the Corona virus.
“Today, I only use Point Source Audio headset and lavalier microphones - we have changed completely,” explains Michael Weimann, technical director of audio at PSS. “I use the CO-8WD headset microphones for everything that has to do with the voice and that can be done via a headset. This is not only due to the price/performance ratio, but above all the handling.”
Weimann discovered it was quicker and easier to put the Point Source Audio headset on board member clients during various filming sessions, and has been delighted by the results. “The sound is right, and if the customer tells us that the wearing comfort is very pleasant, what more could I want as a technician?”
The mics have also helped PSS meet its health and safety responsibilities for events during the pandemic. “At the beginning of COVID, the actors put the microphone on themselves, and the ease of doing this with Point Source Audio was a relief,” shared Weimann. “Now we are doing this again for the actors - in compliance with all COVID rules, of course. But the time we spend on the actors is much shorter with Point Source Audio than with other manufacturers. The mic sits - and it sits securely.”
Up until 2020, PSS saw its main business in high-quality conferences and gala events. While PSS has moved towards hybrid events, it has not entirely abandoned its live roots and this is another area where the Point Source Audio mics are helping. “For live applications, I have a little better headroom with the SERIES8 omni headsets than with other manufacturers' mics,” says Weimann. “This is good for the show.”
“Coronavirus has completely changed the way we work,” reflects Weimann. The addition of more gear has paid off for PSS: Their old rigging warehouse is now completely converted into a TV set studio with green screen or LED walls. “This strategy has obviously saved us," explains Weinman, adding that "Customers that we used to visit on-site now come to us. But we have not only gained new customers, we have also gained know-how.”
Point Source Audio's local distributor, Mega Audio facilitated the evolution to Point Source Audio microphones with demos and close collaboration. "PSS is a long-term customer and we have grown together over the decades," says Jörg Rader, sales and business development manager at Mega Audio. "The current project started around 18 months ago with us supplying test equipment, but it has just recently come alive."

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