Queensland Theatre chooses Robe
Monday, 7 December 2020
robe-queensland-theatre-que100657137In normal times, the theatre produces around eight or nine main stage productions a year (photo: Louise Stickland)
Australia - Queensland Theatre - usually - sits at the heart and soul of Brisbane’s lively arts and performance scene, producing around eight or nine main stage productions a year between the 351-capacity Bille Brown Theatre in the south of the city and at the four-venue Queensland Performing Arts Centre (QPAC). The theatre also has a strong youth and educational programme which allows school-aged artists to stage shows with the company. On top of that, they also receive shows at both the Bille Brown and QPAC, and tour productions across Australia throughout the year.
The Theatre has Robe LEDWash 300+s, eight of which were in residence when technical coordinator Lachlan Cross arrived in May 2017, which has since increased to 32 fixtures.
The main increase in fixtures came when they finished renovating the Bille Brown Theatre in October 2018, after a A$ 5.5m renovation which converted it from the former 228-seat Bille Brown Studio into the space it is today, complete with corner stage.
The new lights were installed to facilitate the first show after the reopening, and more recently additional LEDWash 300+s brought the count up to 32.
This number gives enough stock for the option of being able to service more than one production simultaneously with LEDWash 300+s including their touring shows.
The Bille Brown Theatre has a flexible pipe-based rigging system and the LEDWash fixtures can be orientated in either direction above the corner stage as they have the single hook clamp. They are fitted with the top hat modules for soft diffusion. Most of the time they use them in Mode 2 which is one zone that allows for hi-res dimming and pan / tilt movement.
The LEDWash 300+s are the only moving lights that Queensland Theatre currently owns, although they do have 36 Lustr Series 2 LED zoom profiles as well as a range of generics including profiles, fresnels, multi-Pars and PAR 64s. When there is a request for profile moving lights, they will generally rent in according to the LDs preferences.
The Robes have been supplied to the theatre via their local lighting partner, Entertainment Production Supplies.

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