Robe for first Delivered Live shows
Friday, 17 April 2020
robe-delivered-live-20200412185417-pThe venue is The Studio, a new production and demo area at Harry the Hirer Productions’ HQ (photo: Marcus Pugh)
Australia - Delivered Live is a weekly music and comedy performance concept. Streamed live from Melbourne, it's the result of a collaboration between Handshake Management, rental and production company Harry The Hirer Productions and the Victorian State Government, and is designed to feed the need for live entertainment and positive energy during the nationwide lockdown. It also has a role in providing much-needed financial support to artists, crew and technicians who have been left high-and-dry with the almost complete shutdown of the live performance industry.
The venue is The Studio, a new production and demo area at Harry the Hirer Productions’ HQ in the Richmond district of Melbourne, a large ‘development space’ with lighting and audio consoles, previz and demonstration facilities that’s designed for LDs, engineers and designers to block, programme and work on their projects, shows, pitches, showcases and presentations.
Lighting designer for Delivered Live is Marcus Pugh, who in normal times works for Harry The Hirer Productions as business development manager, a role that also includes production design work. However, now he is returning to his lighting roots, revisiting and brushing up his operating and programming skills to ensure that everyone ‘Delivered Live’ is looking fantastic on camera!
For the latest webcast, Marcus’ moving lights of choice were four Robe Esprites and eight MegaPointes, part of Harry The Hirer Productions’ first investment into Robe moving lights at the end of 2019, with the purchase of 24 Esprites, 24 MegaPointes and two RoboSpot systems from Robe’s Australian distributor, Jands.
All Delivered Live’s audio and LED screens are also supplied by Harry The Hirer Productions, with cameras and operators sourced from Small Time TV. The impressive line-up of rising star, cutting edge and popular music and comedy stars are being sourced through Handshake Management, and the show is hosted by musician, singer / songwriter and TV personality, Henry Wagons.
The event operates within strict social distancing guidelines, so there is a maximum of 10 people in the room at any one time. While large for a demo area, it’s ‘compact’ for a TV studio, and has been repurposed and adapted for these webcasts during this exceptional time.
Directed by Scott ‘Ando’ Anderson, the first Delivered Live broadcast featured seven bands, five comedians complete with a pre-recorded mental health segment by radio and TV personality Myf Warhurst.
Whilst free to stream, viewers are encouraged to donate the equivalent of what might be an average gig or concert ticket. The money is divided up between the participating artists and crew and each act also nominates one person on their regular road crew and their favourite venue to also receive a percentage of the funds.
Those involved in the Delivered Live technical production elements include Webcast & Vision Systems Ian Kirkwood, monitor engineer Richard Whitty and stage audio technician Sam Beresford. The camera operators and vision mix is by Small Time TV, Nick McKinley & James Seymour, the tour manager is Luke ‘Boo’ Johnson, artist liaison is by Johnny Salerno, the FOH audio engineer is Travers Chesney and video production is by Zig Parker. Additional MA programming is by Terry Lowe.
(Jim Evans)

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