Silent Disco King powers the biggest silent disco
Friday, 6 December 2019
silentdisco30,000 headphones were used for the event
UK - Silent Disco King, a leading provider for wireless headphone events, helped deliver the biggest ever silent disco event at Lowlands festival.
Back in 2017, the festival organisers wanted to increase the size of their silent disco to 10,000 headphones and needed a suitable supplier. Having visited the company’s UK head office, Lowlands turned to Silent Disco King, who, in August 2018, delivered a silent disco for the festival with not 10,000 headphones but 20,000 headphones.
In August this year, the supplier provided 30,0000 headphones to light up an arena with three channels of music, keeping festival goers dancing until sunrise as customers were able to switch between two DJs or the on-site radio station.
Seven technicians and supervisors from the Silent Disco King team were on site to help set up and manage the event, with a local crew of 90 people for distribution.
Paul Gillies, managing director, comments: “To ensure this event ran smoothly we worked closely with Kees Heegstra, festival frequency co-ordinator, to select frequencies and optimise coverage by linking each DJ wirelessly to our centralised transmission mast. This provided coverage across a large part of the site, including two 10,000 capacity venues, the refreshments area and the campsite.”
The festival’s license for audio covers the Friday, Saturday and Sunday and the Silent Disco King solution enabled a whole day to be added to the festival resulting in additional revenue streams and more entertainment for the festival goers.
Kees Heegstra worked in very close co-operation with Silent Disco King and the technical production of the festival to get the maximum transmit power within the RF regulations in the Netherlands. Kees comments: “We were able to create coverage for 30,000 listeners through Silent Disco King headphones during the Thursday night before the actual start of the festival.
Silent Disco King provided the transmitters and headphones, Camel & Co took care of the RF combiners, antennas and frequency grid and Ampco Flashlight Rental supplied the distribution and mastering of the audio. The event was a huge success.”
Planning for Lowland’s festival 2020 has already begun and due to the success and popularity of a silent disco for 30,000 people, Silent Disco King plan to deliver the world’s largest silent disco for another year running. Paul Gillies further comments: “It’s something quite extraordinary to see a sea of 30,000 people enjoying a silent disco. People were everywhere, if you could climb on it, dance on it or sing to it, people were giving it a go! Lowlands festival has such high energy and we love being involved in such a fun and large-scale event; we’re really looking forward to doing it all again next year!”

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