Stagelight AG invests in the Prolights floodlights
Friday, 16 December 2022
stagelightStagelight supplies a broad spread of events
Switzerland - AV supplier Stagelight AG has recently purchased 44 Prologhts EclExpo Flood300VW, a 300W asymmetric LED floodlight with variable white.
The company made this acquisition since they are a large supplier of all kinds of events, including trade shows, corporate events, concerts and festivals. Stefan Rüttimann, head of lighting at Stagelight, commented, “We were very impressed with this fixture for its bright output, yet a very compact design and lightweight.”
The EclExpo Flood300VW was launched earlier in the year and has been widely successful across companies in many sectors. “We see us using this unit on many types of shows thanks to its flexibility and multipurpose use,” added Stefan. The CCT range from 2,700K to 6,500K is brilliant. The fact that we have DMX and Wireless DMX control makes it much more than a simple floodlight - it means we can use it across concerts, corporate events, or simply as a standard exhibition light using its standalone mode.”

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