STNDBY looks to dress crew and creatives
Tuesday, 1 December 2020
stndbykitTop: Behind the brand - LD Tom Campbell and entrepreneur James Murden
Bottom: The Leitch Security Backpack is named after the late lighting designer Bryan Leitch
UK - Apparel and tech brand STNDBY has launched its flagship range of sustainable clothes and accessories, designed for crew and creatives.
STNDBY ( was conceived by lighting and production designer Tom Campbell and host, producer and entrepreneur James Murden to offer clothing and accessories that are ‘as functional as they are fashionable’. With partnerships in place with companies such as Avolites and Dirty Rigger and offering customisation, gifting options and tour swag, STNDBY’s products are designed ‘to work and built to last’.
“We’ve spent almost two years researching the problems crew face finding work gear and developing these products to solve those problems,” said Campbell. "We’re so proud of the incredible feedback we’ve had throughout our testing phase and can’t wait to start seeing STNDBY out in the world.”
STNDBY’s flagship range includes T-shirts, rigging gloves, power banks and digital storage solutions, as well as their signature launch product, the Leitch Security Backpack. Named after the late lighting designer Bryan Leitch, this travel-friendly bag embodies the STNDBY philosophy by packing in hidden compartments, charging ports, water resistance and even a stab-proof protective layer.
“With STNDBY we set out to create clothes and accessories that are fit-for-purpose but still look good in the bar after the show,” says Murden. "In our industry, 'stand-by' means “get ready for action”, so it was the perfect name for us - a brand that’s ready for anything. Whether you’re a sound engineer, theatre technician or camera operator, you’re part of the STNDBY crew.”
STNDBY is a platinum supporter of BackUp, the technical entertainment charity, providing financial support to entertainment technology industry professionals who are seriously ill or injured or to their surviving family members, and a percentage of the company's profits will go directly to this cause.
BackUp chairman John Simpson comments: “It’s fantastic to see a new brand launching, particularly in such a tough climate, and we’re delighted they have chosen to support BackUp. Every donation helps us to help our colleagues who are in desperate need, and we know this generous gesture will be appreciated by the industry as a whole.”

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