Taiwan Traditional Theatre adds Claypaky
Monday, 18 November 2019
claypakyartsctrtaipei5Claypaky and ADB products have ben installed
Taiwan - The 3201 Multi Hall in the Taiwan Traditional Theatre Centre (TTTC) at the National Centre for Traditional Arts (NCFTA) in Taipei became the first theatre in the country to use moving heads and be equipped with all-LED lighting with the installation of a complement of Claypaky and ADB products.
The NCFTA’s mission is to cultivate talents in the traditional arts and to conduct investigation, research, conservation, transmission and development of the traditional arts. The GuoGuang Opera Company, Taiwan Bangzi Opera Company, National Chinese Orchestra Taiwan and Taiwan Music Institute operate under its authority. NCFTA oversees the TTTC, which is also known as the Xiqu Centre of Taiwan.
The Multi Hall is a small venue seating about 130 people. It hosts traditional Chinese and Taiwanese opera and Palmadrama (Taiwanese hand-puppet theatre) as well as press conferences and speaking engagements. The Multi Hall offers performing groups and others a well-equipped, cost-effective theatre space with a reduced need for technical equipment rentals and technical staffing.
Taipei-based Acropro worked with Xiqu on the installation as part of a renovation of the Multi Hall. The new lighting complement featured five Claypaky Axcor Profile 400HCs, six Claypaky A.leda B-EYE K10s and an ADB Eurodim Twin Tech dimmer cabinet. Two years ago NCFTA purchased 40 Claypaky Scenius Profiles for the Main Hall of Xiqu.
“Claypaky lighting instruments are always stable, reliable and of excellent quality,” says Huai-min Jen, section chief of NCFTA. “They are also very quiet, which is important for a small venue like the Multi Hall. They meet the requirements of a professional venue and lighting designers and elevate the venue to a higher standard.”
Acropro positioned the five Axcor Profile 400s and two of the B-EYE K10s on the FOH batten. The other four K10s are mounted on the first batten on the stage. “Coordinated with the other general LED fixtures these Claypaky products act as the stage’s key lights,” Huai-min explains.
(Jim Evans)

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