Telemadrid adds Prolights panels to TV studios
Thursday, 29 April 2021
prolightsThe fixtures are used in La Redacción, a daily live news programme
Spain - The public regional television station Telemadrid has recently added 75 EclPanel TWC soft light panels by Prolights to their studios in Madrid. The fixtures are used in programmes like La Redacción, a daily live news programme.
Telemadrid decided to make a new investment to modernise its facility and cut their energy consumption through use of LED technology. The fixtures were acquired through public tender, and later supplied and installed by Fluge Audiovisuales, a Spanish AV integrator.
“We decided to specify the EclPanel TWC soft panel because it provides a high luminous flux, a homogeneous diffusion, and includes a range of white colour temperatures, from daylight to tungsten tones, achieving a superior light quality with high CRI, TLCI and TM-30. All the features are exactly what we needed for broadcast environments,” said Alejo J. Arce, technical director for Fluge Audiovisuales. “The EclPanel met the technical requirements set by Telemadrid. The product exceeded all our expectations.”

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