The High End of Intellabeam
Tuesday, 26 October 1999
The last ever Intellabeam 700HX has come off the production line at High End Systems' (HES) headquarters in Austin, Texas. The unit - number 18,871 - was presented to High End co-founder Richard Belliveau in September. Belliveau designed the Intellabeam 400 back in 1989, and it became a success in dance clubs worldwide. The later 700HX model continued the success of the fixtures. First specified for tour use by LD Chas Herington for the 1991 Dire Straits 'On Any Street' tour, the Intellabeam went on to feature in rigs with Bob Dylan, The Grateful Dead, Iron Maiden, Michael Jackson, Billy Joel, Thin Lizzy, the Moody Blues and many more.High End co-founders Lowell Fowler (left) and Bob Schacherl (right) present the last Intellabeam off the HES production line to Richard Belliveau.

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