Vapiano elevates dining experience with Ecler
Monday, 21 August 2023
paddingtonNavigating the intricate spatial layout of the restaurant posed a challenge
UK - With a presence across 25 countries and a total of 135 establishments, Vapiano Restaurants understands the integral role that ambience plays in customer satisfaction and engagement. Essential to this ambience is quality audio with appropriate music.
Vapiano enlisted the services of installer Marquee AV to upgrade the audio system in their Paddington restaurant.
After reviewing the client request and specifications, Stacey Tough, project director at Marquee AV, contacted Audiologic regarding the supply of the audio system. Through discussions with Paul Simpson, business manager at Audiologic, 11 x Ecler Drop 6 pendant loudspeakers and three Ecler Arqis SB10i subwoofers were specified for the project.
Paul Simpson explains: "The Ecler Drop6 2-way pendant speaker suits this setting perfectly. It boasts a 6.5" woofer and a 1" silk dome tweeter, along with a 70/100V line transformer offering power options of 60/30/15 and 7.5 watts. These selections are available in both high and low impedance levels. Crafted from reinforced ABS with fibreglass, the speaker offers a sleek design, completed with a paintable grille, ensuring effortless integration into the environment."
The Ecler ARQIS SB10i wooden subwoofer reinforcement cabinet offers a compact format, stylish aesthetics, sound quality and long-term reliability, featuring a 10" LF driver and internal LPF with 2 frequency settings. The ARQIS series has been specifically designed to fulfil permanent installation requirements where a perfect balance between sound performance and architectural/interior's design matching is a must.
On working with Audiologic, Stacey Tough adds: “We are lucky to work so closely with Audiologic, they are a trusted supplier who we have a good relationship with that goes back a long time, and we enjoy working with them - they delivered on time as requested, as always! This helped further with a smooth, efficient installation, and boosted customer satisfaction with this job even more.”
Navigating the intricate spatial layout of the restaurant posed a challenge, requiring the even dispersion of sound throughout the expansive area. The strategic placement of the subwoofer presented a particular conundrum, artfully addressed by Marquee AV through the creation of custom brackets. This solution ensures that the subwoofer remains concealed from view, preserving the restaurant's aesthetic allure.
Stacey Tough concludes: "The clients were highly satisfied with the project, underscoring our exceptional work. Their resounding approval has led to subsequent project requests and repairs, a testament to the resounding success of this installation."

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