Zero 88 ramps up training in 2019
Friday, 30 November 2018
zero-88-console-training-map-2019-2New training venues have been added for 2019
UK - Eaton’s Zero 88 lighting control brand is ramping up its free training opportunities in 2019 - open for all those utilising lighting consoles running ZerOS architecture - as part of a wider comprehensive product support programme.
This is as a direct result of an increase in the number of active ZerOS users in the UK, which has doubled in the last 12 months.
The trend reflects the success of the FLX series of powerful, flexible and affordable lighting consoles – the FLX and FLX S24 and S48 - which have enjoyed popularity especially for small-to-medium applications running rigs with some moving lights and a quantity of LED fixtures together with conventionals.
Zero 88 has always been known for its commitment for training. In 2018, well over 500 individuals benefitted from this which including regular dedicated sessions at Eaton’s bases in Cwmbran, Wales, and Watford, north of London, plus Dealer Day workshops as well as specialist on-site arrangements organized in conjunction with events like the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and selected industry trade shows.
A Zero 88 team was on the ground during the 2018 Edinburgh Fringe, and delivered over 25 training workshops to nearly 120 lighting programmers and operators working in multiple venues with Zero 88 consoles in action throughout the world famous three-and-a-half-week arts extravaganza.
“The model has been such an amazing success that we have decided to make it even more accessible for users at all levels in 2019,” enthused Tyler Holpin, who is key UK accounts & international sales manager and co-ordinates the UK training programme with product manager Jon Hole and product support specialists Nathanael Orr and Edward Smith.
Jon adds that, in addition to major rental companies like Adlib, SLX, Hawthorn and many more who have recently invested in FLX products, there’s been an increase in requests for training from freelance designers, programmers and operators as well as touring technicians, all eager to get the best out of these powerful, flexible and user-friendly products.
The training sessions follow a similar structure, but each one is individually tailored to cover the specific needs and products being used by those on the course.
The sessions will include working with a visualizer system and a console; learning about patching, useful features like RigSync, RDM and fixture personalities and controlling colour-changing and moving lights. Sessions staged at the factory in Cwmbran will also include a tour of the manufacturing facilities.
(Jim Evans)

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